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Activa Capital

PRI reporting framework 2019

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Outputs and outcomes

PE 14. ESG issues affected financial/ESG performance

14.1. Indicate whether your organisation measures how your approach to responsible investment in Private Equity investments has affected financial and/or ESG performance.

Describe the impact on:
ESG performance of investments

14.2. Describe how you are able to determine these outcomes.

As we have been reporting on ESG via our internal survey for 5 years, we are able to assess progress on KPI such as water consumption or social KPIs.

Moreover, one of the main actions we help companies implement is the formalisation of their processes and operations : onece this formalisation is done, we can assess that this means a better performance, as it put the company on the way to having best practices in the industry.

One of the last KPIs that help us see the link between management of ESG issues and ESG performance is the growing ability of our companies to answer to their customers' requirements on CSR and Quality management.

PE 15. Examples of ESG issues that affected your PE investments (Private)