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PRI reporting framework 2019

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(B) Implementation: Thematic

LEI 07. Types of sustainability thematic funds/mandates

07.1. Indicate the type of sustainability thematic funds or mandates your organisation manages.

07.2. Describe your organisation’s processes relating to sustainability themed funds. [Optional]

As described previously, DNCA is managing a range of SRI funds and each fund strategy has a dedicated range of thematics it focuses on:

- DNCA INVEST BEYOND GLOBAL LEADERS invests in four key challenges for which it is imperative to identify sustainable leaders: technology (drawing on cutting-edge technology to provide answers to climate change, resource scarcity, efficiencies across industries), digitalization (supporting the development of digital infrastructure, connectivity, digital services and optimized logistics to meet economic and social challenges), demographics (anticipating demographic changes and their impacts on changing consumption patterns, particularly in emerging countries) and healthcare (understanding key healthcare challenges to be able to select the best investment opportunities: the ageing population, medical robotics, development of diagnostics, innovation etc).

- DNCA BEYOND EUROPEAN LEADERS focuses on responsible governance in order to target high-quality companies that demonstrate high level of transparency and integrity. The transparency and reliability offered by such companies often goes hand-in-hand with resilience (ability to withstand an adverse and challenging environment), recurrence (ability to guarantee sustainable shareholder returns) and long-term performance.

- DNCA INVEST BEYOND INFRASTRUCTURE & TRANSITION focuses predominantly on environmental challenges and building infrastructure aligned with the sustainable transition. The ecological transition is the main driver of investment for this strategy: production of renewable energy, development of sustainable mobility, highly carbon-intense sector to be renewed (e.g. building which accounts for 40% of energy demand; 20% of greenhouse gas emissions) and innovative sectors to improve connectivity and security.

- DNCA INVEST BEYOND ALTEROSA is a multi-thematic funds.

- DNCA INVEST BEYOND SEMPEROSA is a multi-thematic funds focusing on positive social and environmental impacts. In addition to the ESG screen (Responsibility and Sustainable Transition) used for all SRI funds, Semperosa has an impact screen (based on our proprietary "AIM" filter) which enables us to select companies that are the best positioned to generate significant positive impacts on the long-run.