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Northern Pacific Group

PRI reporting framework 2019

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Confidence building measures

CM1 01. Assurance, verification, or review

01.1. Indicate whether the reported information you have provided for your PRI Transparency Report this year has undergone:

01.2. Additional information [OPTIONAL]


CM1 02. Assurance of last year's PRI data

02.1. We undertook third party assurance on last year’s PRI Transparency Report

02.3. Additional information [OPTIONAL]


CM1 03. Other confidence building measures

03.1. We undertake confidence building measures that are unspecific to the data contained in our PRI Transparency Report:

03.4. Describe the process of external/third party ESG audit of holdings, including which data has been assured.

The Firm has engaged DNVGL Business Assurance Advisors to complete comprehensive ESG studies for two of our current investments and we intend to perform similar studies on future investments. Additionally, the Firm looks to guidelines provided by non-government organizations related to ESG matters for input on best practices. For environmental issues, the Firm utilizes guidelines set by CDP and The Nature Conservancy. The Firm has also consulted with Paul Douglas, a Minnesota based climate change expert, regarding climate change issues. For social issues, the Firm receives input from Lyman Doran, its recruiting adviser and follows external guidelines such as those set by the United Nations Global Compact. For governance matters, the Firm follows guidelines such as those set by the CFA Institute in its Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.

03.5. Additional information [OPTIONAL]


CM1 04. Assurance of this year's PRI data

04.1. Do you plan to conduct third party assurance of this year's PRI Transparency report?

04.3. Additional information [OPTIONAL]


CM1 05. External assurance (Not Applicable)

CM1 06. Assurance or internal audit (Not Applicable)

CM1 07. Internal verification

07.1. Indicate who has reviewed/verified internally the whole - or selected data of the - PRI Transparency Report . and if this applies to selected data please specify what data was reviewed

Who has conducted the verification

Sign-off or review of responses

07.2. Additional information [OPTIONAL]