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Swen Capital Partners

PRI reporting framework 2019

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Asset class implementation gateway indicators

OO 10. Active ownership practices for listed assets

10.1. Select the active ownership activities your organisation implemented in the reporting year.

Fixed income Corporate (non-financial) – engagement

OO 11. ESG incorporation practices for all assets

11.1. Select the internally managed asset classes in which you addressed ESG incorporation into your investment decisions and/or your active ownership practices (during the reporting year).

Fixed income - corporate (non-financial)

Private equity


Select the externally managed assets classes in which you and/or your investment consultants address ESG incorporation in your external manager selection, appointment and/or monitoring processes.
Asset class
ESG incorporation addressed in your external manager selection, appointment and/or monitoring processes
Fixed income - corporate (non-financial)

Fixed income - corporate (non-financial) - ESG incorporation addressed in your external manager selection, appointment and/or monitoring processes

Private equity

Private equity - ESG incorporation addressed in your external manager selection, appointment and/or monitoring processes


Infrastructure - ESG incorporation addressed in your external manager selection, appointment and/or monitoring processes

11.4. Provide a brief description of how your organisation includes responsible investment considerations in your investment manager selection, appointment and monitoring processes.

Responsible investment practices are systematically assessed when selecting asset managers for our Primary activities (for Secondary transactions, we endeavour to collect as much ESG data as possible but, due to time constraints, SWEN CP does not regularly conduct such assessments). This analysis also includes an ESG background checking to identify any incident affecting the asset managers, the underlying portfolio assets invested by the target fund and their key executives. Moreover, a specific questionnaire is sent out to each asset manager to assess their performances in the areas of CSR and responsible investing. An in-house ESG analysis is subsequently performed by each SWEN CP's investment director and written down in investment memorandums. SWEN CP strives to primarily invest in funds managed by investment managers concerned with responsible investment considerations and which applies to themselves relevant CSR policies.
The appointment of investment manager is conditioned to specific ESG criteria, including the respect of our responsible investment charter and policy, our Climate Strategy, as well as ESG reporting and disclosure requirements. ESG criteria are specified in the side letter agreements.
SWEN CP's monitoring process is built around a regular communication with its general partners as well as more formalised tools. The management companies for which SWEN CP is a subscriber of a fund, are surveyed on a yearly basis through its ESG questionnaire. Answers are filled in online, via an ESG data collection and management tool. A follow-up of these indicators is then carried out over time and makes it possible to fully assess the management companies’ responsible investor practices (benchmarking), particularly with regard to proprietary ESG benchmarks. Furthermore, thanks to a substantial extra-financial database that has accumulated more than 6 years of history, SWEN CP is able to calculate benchmarks for these same indicators and track them over time. Finally, SWEN Capital Partners has set up a monitoring system for controversies that allows daily reporting of information, most often "extra-financial, on the main positions of portfolios managed and / or advised by SWEN Capital Partners.

OO 12. Modules and sections required to complete

12.1. Below are all applicable modules or sections you may report on. Those which are mandatory to report (asset classes representing 10% or more of your AUM) are already ticked and read-only. Those which are voluntary to report on can be opted into by ticking the box.

Core modules

RI implementation directly or via service providers

Direct - Fixed Income

Direct - Other asset classes with dedicated modules

RI implementation via external managers

Indirect - Selection, Appointment and Monitoring of External Managers

Closing module

12.2. Additional information. [Optional]