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TPT Retirement Solutions

PRI reporting framework 2019

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Objectives and strategies

SG 05. RI goals and objectives

05.1. Indicate if and how frequently your organisation sets and reviews objectives for its responsible investment activities.

05.2. Additional information. [Optional]

TPT's activities related to Responsible Investment are reviewed as part of its dashboards which are reported to senior management and the Investment Committee on a quarterly basis.  Other more significant projects/issues are covered on a case by case basis with the Investment Committee as stand alone items.

SG 06. Main goals/objectives this year

06.1. List the main responsible investment objectives that your organisation set for the reporting year.

Responsible investment processes

Key performance indicator

1) Update TPT's RI manager rating system
2) Continue to manage and monitor carbon risk

Progress achieved

This has been updated to reflect current thinking, and has been made available in TPT's annual RI update. 

Key performance indicator

          The use of the ESG dashboard has been broadened out across different bodies throughout TPT.

Progress achieved

Increasing understanding of TPT's activities on the ESG sphere, and key impacts on the portfolio.

Key performance indicator

          Implement TPT's RI Framework in DC

Progress achieved

Agreed with IC and work has begun in the implementation of this framework with the external investment manager.


Financial performance of investments

ESG characteristics of investments

Other activities

Key performance indicator

          Contributed to various IIGCC industry reports.

Progress achieved

TPT contributed to two IIGCC reports during the year. The first focussed on how Trustees can incorporate climate change considerations into the investment decision making process, with the second considering the use and implementation of scenario analysis. 

Key performance indicator

          Widening of membership to RI bodies.

Progress achieved

TPT has encouraged its external legal advisor, Linklaters, to join IIGCC. Active conversations with a number of other organisations.

Key performance indicator

          TPT's approach to the use of scenario analysis in the implementation of its investment strategy was included in the institutional guide to climate change.

Progress achieved

06.2. Additional information.