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Vontobel Holding AG

PRI reporting framework 2019

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B) 実施:テーマ

LEI 07. Types of sustainability thematic funds/mandates

07.1. 組織が運用している、サステナビリティをテーマとするファンドやマンデートの種類を記載してください。

07.2. 組織でのサステナビリティをテーマとしたファンドのプロセスについて説明してください。 [任意]

Vontobel has four types of environmental thematic funds:

The Clean Tech and New Power funds search for companies that have a positive impact on the environment through their products and / or services, with a holistic approach being selected that considers the entire life-cycle of the product or service. The Future Resources fund additionally focuses on innovative technologies that improve access to resources and on advanced materials that increase resource efficiency. The relevant investment themes are listed below. The Sustainable Water fund invests in listed shares of companies that exploit market opportunities arising from a sustainable use of water. The investments are regionally diversified along the entire value chain for water, including infrastructure, technology, water quality, water efficiency and water supply.

Based on thorough sustainability analysis, companies and sectors that are exposed to excessive environmental and social risks are excluded from the fund's investment universe.

We believe that companies with a strong positive impact on the environment - not necessarily through their own operations but as a result of the products and services they provide - will benefit from structural growth and better margins, also leading to a positive financial performance.

Investment process:
A universe of companies that fits the various investment themes of the four funds is reviewed on an annual basis. In view of the themes in question, they inherently have a positive environmental impact. During the review, companies prompting serious ESG concerns are removed from the universe. Due to the thematic approach, a large number of young, smaller and medium-sized companies are included in the universe, many of which have limited reporting on ESG aspects.

When evaluating individual companies for a potential investment, ESG aspects are assessed in detail by the respective analyst, with social and governance criteria being considered as part of the risk assessment. The environmental assessment must result in a positive contribution in this context. External ESG providers are consulted for the assessment of social and governance aspects but our holistic approach to environmental aspects requires an extensive assessment by our in-house analysts.

Companies are only selected for the funds if there is a strong environmental investment proposition and no critical issues with regard to social and governance aspects, in addition to which they must meet the usual financial criteria.

Investment themes:

Vontobel Fund Clean Technology

  • Resource-efficient industry
  • Building technology
  • Clean energy
  • Low-emission transportation
  • Life-cycle management
  • Clean water

Vontobel Fund New Power

  • Solar, wind and other renewable power generation and equipment
  • Power generation and power transmission
  • Natural gas markets
  • Demand-side energy savings

Vontobel Fund Future Resources

  • Unconventional energy
  • Advanced materials technology
  • Agriculture
  • Water
  • Renewable resources
  • Commodity chemicals and basic materials

Vontobel Fund Sustainable Water

  • Water
  • Infrastructure
  • Water technology
  • Water quality
  • Water efficiency
  • Water supply.