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Record Currency Management

PRI reporting framework 2019

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Monitoring and reporting

HF 12. Long/short exposure and reporting

12.1. Could you indicate whether you report separately on your funds’ long/short/net exposures?


          Our Currency Multi-Strategy product takes positions within the currency market. When taking a long position in one currency, you are naturally short the opposing currency in the pair. As such, Record's for-return products are both long and short in nature.

HF 13. Metrics/KPI for RI progress

13.1. Please describe what metrics/initiatives (internal and/or external) your organisation uses to measure its progress in incorporating RI into the investment process.

Hedge Funds Strategy
Global macro
Metrics/Initiatives definition
          We have constructed a metric incorporating factors based on the UN SDGs which are also associated with currency returns.
          Too soon to say as this went live in December 2018.

13.2. Additional information [OPTIONAL]


HF 14. Exposure to climate risk (Private)

HF 15. Reports to investors

15.1. How often and in what format (e.g. meetings, written reports) does your organisation report to its investors on ESG activities risks assessments? Please provide reporting examples.

Frequency of reporting
ESG activities
Portfolio ESG risks assessment
          We report the impact of our ESG-tilt on the ESG credentials of our Currency Multi-Strategy product.

15.2. Additional information [OPTIONAL]