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Record Currency Management

PRI reporting framework 2019

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HF 01. Rationale for adopting a RI policy

01.1. What is your rationale for adopting a policy to incorporate RI into the investment decision- making process? Please select all options that apply to your organisation.

01.2. Additional information. [Optional]

Our investment principles define who we are, how we work and the way in which we serve our clients. We take pride in providing a bespoke level of service, aimed at understanding the specific objectives of each client.

Record recognises that the services it provides to pension funds, charities, foundations, endowments and other investors are grounded in their needs to provide stable and worthwhile incomes for their beneficiaries and achieve their objectives. Reflecting the significance of these institutions for the future wellbeing of society, we have made a commitment to the future and have established an ESG policy. We are continually monitoring the impact of the work we do for our clients, developing a disciplined, scientific understanding of the opportunities and processes our clients seek to exploit.

We have found a range of currency-relevant ESG factors for our EM universe, related to the United Nations SDGs. We have used these factors to construct an investment strategy which tilts our Currency Multi-Strategy portfolio in a pro-ESG manner, whilst not penalising the return profile.

HF 02. Normative codes/initiatives in the Hedge Fund industry (Not Completed)