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Ashmore Group plc

PRI reporting framework 2019

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Property monitoring and management

PR 09. Proportion of assets with ESG targets that were set and monitored

09.1. Indicate the proportion of property assets for which your organisation, and/or property managers, set and monitored ESG targets (KPIs or similar) during the reporting year.

(in terms of number of property assets)

09.2. Indicate which ESG targets your organisation and/or property managers typically set and monitor

Progress Achieved
          Qualified Staff
          Design and execution according to responsible investing policy
          Three projects received preliminary EDGE Certification including the first retail centre in Colombia which such certification.
          Depending on project complexity having dedicated generalist environmental and OHS professionals working alongside specialists is a contractual condition and is monitored for all investments
          Project managers assigned consider our responsible investing policy and specific E&S project requirements for the design and execution of the development schedules for projects.
Progress Achieved
          Affordable housing units
          Jobs created
          Occupational Health and Safety(OHS) Standards
          Over 25% of the residential units in the invested portfolio are affordable (approximately 7,000 of 28,000)
          Each portfolio project creates approximately 250 direct jobs. It is estimated over 12,000 direct jobs have been created.
          Strict OHS standards, in-line with the IFC Performance Framework, are integrated in all portfolio projects.
Progress Achieved
          Local governing boards for investment vehicles established including independent members.
          Character risk due diligence conducted for prospect partners and integrated as part of the overall risk assessment for the potential portfolio investments.
          AML and KYC procedures established and implemented in collaboration with the funds' administrators in-line with best international practices.

09.3. Additional information. [Optional]


PR 10. Certification schemes, ratings and benchmarks (Private)