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ESG Portfolio Management

PRI reporting framework 2019

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We believe that our engagement with companies on financially material sustainability issues will have a positive impact on our investment results and on society. For this reason we enter a dialogue with companies using constructive critique to push for improving weak ESG factors and for increasing positive impact towards the SDGs. The policies outlined in this document apply to investments across equities, fixed income and alternatives.
We expect that companies should take immediate action in case of serious incidents like environmental damage, corruption or significant controversies like conflicting human rights in order to prevent or minimize such damage. Furtermore, we expect companies to systematically educate and train their employees on environmental health and safety matters.
We demand that companies permanently conduct materiality assessments to identify key focus areas around ESG risk and SDG impact in order to optimize their efforts towards sustainability. Measurable qualitative and quantitative goals and targets should be set to manage improvements more effectively. 
Companies should publish a sustainability report that includes its progress towards addressing material topics, preferably as an integrated part of their annual report. A sustainability report should be an efficient tool for communicating sustainability performance and impacts, both positive and negative.
In some cases we might collaborate with other institutional investors or institutions using collaborative platforms such as United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI).

ESG Portfolio Management voting policy
Corporate governance is very important to us, as we consider good and responsible corporate governance as key element to achieving sustainable growth in the value of investments and positive impact regarding the SDGs.  Representing the interests and voting rights of our fund investors versus corporations is therefore very important to ESG Portfolio Management.  Voting rights are valuable shareholder rights and must be dealt with responsibly and care. ESG Portfolio Management acts solely in the interest of the investment funds concerned.