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Bonnefield Financial

PRI reporting framework 2019

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Asset class implementation not reported in other modules

SG 16. ESG issues for internally managed assets not reported in framework

Describe how you address ESG issues for internally managed assets for which a specific PRI asset class module has yet to be developed or for which you are not required to report because your assets are below the minimum threshold.

Asset Class

Describe what processes are in place and the outputs or outcomes achieved


Bonnefield’s ultimate goal is to promote sound farmland management practices, help improve operator efficiencies and protect the integrity of Canadian farmland which inevitably will result in increased value to the farmland investor. Sustainability and potential for yield enhancement is a key consideration in investment analysis. 

To that end, part of the due diligence required for every investment is a detailed agronomic review and an independent third party farmland evaluation report which includes quality of soil, irrigation, etc, and includes recommendations for any remediation that may be required.

Bonnefield works with progressive, growth oriented farm operators on an "as-if-owned" lease which fosters long-term strategic planning. Typically Bonnefield is helping farm operators achieve one or more of the following goals: improve cash flow/strength balance sheet, plan for retirement, expand land base for more efficiencies.

As part of the relationship, farm operators are expected to follow the Bonnefield Standards of Care - a prescribed set of best practices aimed at promoting sustainable farming operations and environmental responsibility. All tenants are required to report annually on their compliance with the Standards of Care and  failure to comply with it is grounds for termination of a tenant's lease. 




16.2. Additional information [Optional].

In 2018,  22 investments made through LP III and LP IV, with the following outcomes being achieved: 

  • improved financial stability of farm operations: 19
  • succession/retirement plans: 15
  • CAPEX invested to improve farm:9
  • improved farm efficiency: 18
  • clean-up and improvement of property: 9
  • protection of farmland for farming: 2
  • Standards of Care compliance: 22


SG 17. ESG issues for externally managed assets not reported in framework (Not Applicable)