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PRI reporting framework 2019

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PIIF Principle 2: Client protection

IFD 11. Public endorsement of the Client Protection Principles

Possible action: 

Publicly endorse the Client Protection Principles (CPP).

11.1. Indicate if you have publicly endorsed the Client Protection Principles.

11.2. Additional information. [Optional]

IFD 12. Provide training and assistance for investees implementing the Client Protection Principles

12.1. Indicate if you provide training or assistance for your investees in implementing the Client Protection Principles and/or other client protection measures.

12.2. Additional information.

When applicable, CDC does support training or assistance in the implementation of Client Protection Principles or other CPP vehicles, depending on the context (for example the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association’s (GOGLA’s) Consumer Protection Code, which CDC endorsed in October 2018, which do not relate specifically to MFIs but do address the broader challenge of finding new ways to provide capital to underserved).

In 2018, CDC also sponsored a financial inclusion and literacy program in India with one of our Indian FI investees which provided training to 30,000 women (and which included CPP content)

In 2018, CDC led on the development of a Customer Protection tool to provide guidance on CDC expectations in terms of client protection. The guidance is for internal use as well as investees, GPs and sponsors to help integrate effective client protection into the services they offer. The tool focuses on four key principles: safeguarding, fair treatment, enabling organisation and culture; and sustainability and innovation. The tool is aligned to the SMART Campaign CPPs.

IFD 13. Include the Client Protection Principles in investment policies

13.1. Indicate if you include the Client Protection Principles and/or other client protection measures in your investment policies.

13.2. Indicate if this is systematically applied.

During due diligence

In covenants in loan agreements and/or in financing or shareholder agreements

13.3. Indicate if you encourage investees to apply for Client Protection Certification. [Optional]

13.4. Additional information. [Optional]

Please see response to section 12 regarding the application of the CPPs.

Regarding whether we encourage investees to apply for Client Protection Certification, CDC does do this if it is expected to drive business value for the company.