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PRI reporting framework 2019

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Outputs and outcomes

LEA 09. Number of companies engaged with, intensity of engagement and effort

Indicate the proportion of companies from your listed equities portfolio with which your organisation engaged with during the reporting year.
We did not complete any engagements in the reporting year.

Number of companies engaged

(avoid double counting, see explanatory notes)

Proportion of companies engaged with, out of total listed equities portfolio

Individual / Internal staff engagements


Collaborative engagements


09.2. Indicate the proportion breakdown of engagements conducted within the reporting year by the number of interactions (including interactions made on your behalf)

No. of interactions with a company
% of engagements
One interaction
2 to 3 interactions
More than 3 interactions

09.3. Indicate the percentage of your collaborative engagements for which you were a leading organisation during the reporting year.

Type of engagement

% Leading role

  Collaborative engagements

09.5. Additional information. [Optional]

LEA 10. Engagement methods

10.1. Indicate which of the following your engagement involved.

10.2. Additional information. [Optional]

CDC is actively engaged with all investee companies. This generally requires obtaining senior management buy-in and commitment from an early stage, as well as a point of contact with a key management individual responsible for implementing the ESG improvements. As part of this, site visits, meetings, and regular calls are all fundamental parts of achieving shared goals. When supply chain risks exist, CDC also visits suppliers and works with the company to develop strong procurement and supplier policies and oversight procedures.

LEA 11. Examples of ESG engagements

11.1. Provide examples of the engagements that your organisation or your service provider carried out during the reporting year.

ESG Topic
Climate Change|Water risks
Conducted by

To help a large agribusiness company identify site and catchment level water risks in a country prone to drought and exposed to climate risks.

Scope and Process

CDC worked with one of the company's ESG staff to run a water risk assessment of the various sites and catchments in order to better understand the risks they faced and the opportunities to be a catchment and community leader. The company recognised strong value in the process and attended a Master Class on the water risk tool in order to better understand how to maximise its use. The company then joined a Water Stewardship Multi-stakeholder Platform, a sign of its commitment to be an active stakeholder and a leader on water issues.

ESG Topic
Human rights|Company leadership issues|General ESG|Health and Safety|Sustainability reporting|Deforestation
Conducted by

To improve the company’s approach to engaging with local communities, in order to strengthen their social licence to operate. Specifically, to improve the management of land within the company’s concession that they do not intend to use for business purposes to allow for use by local communities and to ensure protection of forested areas. Associated with this process is an additional focus on management of ESG within the business, communications with communities and the behaviour and training of security guards.

Scope and Process

This intervention forms part of a much broader and ongoing engagement with the company on all ESG matters through the ESG Committee to the Board that CDC established, jointly with other investors, and to which lenders are also invited as observers. Social licence to operate was identified as a critical ESG and business issue early on in the investment. Company management, lenders and investors worked jointly to first build up an ESG department, including a team of community liaison officers within the company. Subsequently a terms of reference was developed to appoint an organisation to partner with the company to build social engagement capacity and processes, and to involve the community in a process of joint land use planning. CDC has approved technical assistance funding to support this process.

Separately, a need for more professional management of security was also identified. CDC and some of the lenders worked jointly to encourage the company to appoint a senior Head of Security and to recruit an international consultancy to provide professional security training including human rights.



11.2. Additional information. [Optional]