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PRI reporting framework 2019

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PIIF Principle 5: Transparency

IFD 25. How mission and investment objectives are communicated to stakeholders (Private)

IFD 26. Investors and/or the public provided with information aligned with industry standards

Possible action:

Fully disclose policies, criteria and related conditions of products and services to investees and other relevant stakeholders.

26.1. Other than the PRI/PIIF, indicate if you provide your investors and/or the public with information aligned with industry standards.

26.2. Do you provide information aligned with:

          EDFI HIPSO

26.3. Additional information. [Optional]

CDC provides data aligned with IFC's HIPSO indicators to the European DFI (EDFI) Secretariat, which aggregates the data to share publicly.

On IRIS, CDC shares the corporate indicators both with DfID and publicly through the CDC Annual Report; although this does not cover all of the metrics we gather (e.g. on E&S, gender, business integrity, etc.).

IFD 27. Transparency of pricing, terms and conditions among investees

Possible action:

Ensure that investees adequately disclose the pricing, terms and conditions of financial products and services offered, and that the pricing, terms and conditions are understood by clients.

27.1. Indicate if you encourage the retail institutions in which you invest to ensure that the following are transparent and fully explained to their clients (i.e. those seeking financial services from them) in a form they can understand.


27.2. Indicate how you ensure this for pricing and provide examples.

CDC legal agreements require investees to operate in alignment with the SMART CPPs, which includes transparency of pricing in a form that can be understood.

Pre-investment, compliance on this is assessed during due diligence; we also compare pricing to market benchmarks and look at loan to income ratios for clients. Where gaps are identified in advance of investment, mitigating actions are put into Action Plan to ensure this is carried out. In these cases, progress is monitored against action points every quarter by a responsible committee.

Other terms and conditions

27.3. Indicate how you ensure this for other terms/conditions and provide examples.

As above, alignment with the SMART Campaign CPPs are integrated into CDC legal agreements, thereby ensuring that terms and conditions are being communicated clearly to clients and at multiple stages throughout the loan approval process. The action plan and monitoring process described above are also applicable here.

27.4. Additional information. [Optional]