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PRI reporting framework 2019

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Infrastructure Monitoring and Operations

INF 12. Proportion of assets with ESG performance targets

12.1. Indicate the proportion of infrastructure assets for which your organisation and/or operators included ESG performance in investment monitoring during the reporting year.

 (in terms of number of infrastructure assets)

12.2. Indicate ESG issues for which your organisation, and/or operators, typically sets and monitors targets (KPIs or similar) and provide examples per issue.

List up to three example targets per issue

          ACP Cladding Assessment was rolled out to majority of the assets in the various portfolios & the results were used for any remedial actions as required.
          AMP Capital worked with the rail management to perform a review of the Environmental Framework and produced an updated Environmental Sustainability Management Plan.
          An Aged Care Company rolled out a project to replace inefficient light globes with energy efficient LED globes & install solar panelling across aged care homes.

List up to three example targets per issue

          An airport Draft Master Plan was displayed online, and the community were invited to make submissions in response to the plan presented.
          Women’s workshop was facilitated at an airport company by external consultant to inspire & empower women employees & create positive change in their personal & professional lives.
          A carpark introduced Park4Purposeprogram under which portion of weekend parking revenue generated on the company’s website will be donated to support local charities & communityorganisations.

List up to three example targets per issue

          AMP Capital and the executive management team undertook a successful crisis management plan and simulation exercises with the train operations and advisors
          A key part is the inclusion of university staff on the asset board by virtue of residual shareholding & participation of Student Services Division in forums.
          Together with management & external advisors a student housing is reviewing the fire safety compliance & annual fire safety & building code regulations through audits and improvement plans.

12.3. Additional information. [Optional]

The approach to determine ESG materiality, targets and monitoring processes differ greatly and is very much tailored to the sector, geography and materiality of ESG issues inherent in each investment. ESG targets where relevant are typically set and monitored by the management team and Board of the investee company. Consistent with our active asset management approach, we ensure high participation, transparency and influence with Board and management.

INF 13. Proportion of portfolio companies with ESG/sustainability policy

13.1. Indicate whether you track the proportion of your infrastructure investees that have an ESG/sustainability-related policy (or similar guidelines).

13.2. Indicate the proportion of your infrastructure investees that have an ESG/sustainability-related policy (or similar guidelines).

(in terms of number of infrastructure investees)

13.3. Describe how your organisation, and/or your operators, contribute to the infrastructure investees’ management of ESG issues. [Optional]

A number of our investee companies have an existing ESG / Sustainability related policy in place, and we continue to take steps to institute policies in the remaining investee companies. We believe all investee companies should have relevant policies, processes and accountabilities in place that appropriately address ESG risks and opportunities that are material to the operations of the investment.

A majority of our infrastructure assets participate in the annual GRESB Infrastructure Asset Assessments with support from the executive management and respective leaders to review and improve their ESG practices and performances.

INF 14. Type and frequency of reports received from investees

14.1. Indicate the type and frequency of reports you request and/or receive from infrastructure investees covering ESG issues.

Type of Reporting

Typical reporting frequency

Typical reporting frequency

          Gathering of Fund and Asset level ESG data through completion of GRESB Infrastructure Assessments.

Typical reporting frequency

14.2. Additional information.

ESG considerations are now integrated into the continuing management and financial reporting processes of AMP Capital's infrastructure investments. This includes:

•           Standardised monthly reporting to the Board, providing greater consistency, transparency and governance over ESG issues;

•           Quarterly reviews with service providers, government counterparties and other relevant stakeholders to ensure early identification of issues and proactively resolution

•           Annual verification of service provider accreditations (e.g. ISO14000) to assure robust governance and risk management processes.

AMP Capital is also a founding member of the GRESB Infrastructure Assessment launched in 2016 to benchmark the ESG performance of Infrastructure Funds and Assets worldwide.

Through GRESB Infrastructure, AMP Capital benchmarks the ESG performance of its flagship infrastructure funds as well as collecting ESG performance data for a variety of our underlying assets. AMP Capital has played an integral role in the development of this international standard in collaboration with other leading Institutional Investors from Europe and North America. For further information please refer to

In 2018 GRESB Infrastructure results:

  • AMP Capital Diversified Infrastructure Trust ranked 1st out of 12 Diversified, Asia-Pacific Private Entities;
  • AMP Capital Irish Infrastructure Fund ranked 2nd out of 17 Diversified, Europe Private Entities; and
  • AMP Capital Global Infrastructure Fund ranked 5th out of 18 Diversified, Global Private Entities.