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PRI reporting framework 2019

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Infrastructure Maintenance

INF 15. Proportion of maintenance projects where ESG issues were considered

15.1. Indicate the proportion of active infrastructure maintenance projects where ESG issues have been considered.

(in terms of number of active maintenance projects)

15.2. Describe your approach to ESG considerations for infrastructure maintenance projects. [Optional]

InfraVia Capital Partners requires most of its portfolio companies to provide maintenance reporting at all board meetings. Some of the portfolio companies need to maintain adequate level of cash  (6 to 12 months on average) though Maintenance reserve Accounts in order to a guarantee proper maintenance program. Maintenance programs are performed in all assets. Proper and rigorous maintenance monitoring process  guarantee the sustainability of the asset.

Example for A8 project : A8 has been responsible since 2007 for the design, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of the A8 motorway section between Munich and Augsburg (52 km) (Bavaria - Germany) operated under a 30-year concession agreement.  This project is performed by a consortium of companies rolling out active environmental policies and implementing environmental good practices. The maintenance of the A8 highway is one of the key monitoring matters that concentrate more than 50% of the company resources. ESG are addressed in the maintenance program, such as noise reduction, road surfacing, water treatment, employment, training, etc …