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PRI reporting framework 2019

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INF 11. ESG issues in post-investment activities

11.1. 組織のインフラ資産の投資後の活動に関連して、組織や事業者がESG問題を考慮しているかどうかを明示してください。

11.2. 組織のインフラ資産の投資後の以下の活動に関連して、組織や事業者がESG問題をどのように考慮しているかを明示してください。

          Infrastructure are long term sustainable assets, which sustainability goes beyond the investment exit.

11.3. 組織のインフラ投資の投資後の活動において組織や事業者がESG問題をどのように考慮しているかを説明してください。 [任意]

InfraVia Capital Partners Asset Manager and the Investment Manager both seat at the Board of portfolio companies. Operators may also hold a stake in the portfolio companies and seat the Board. InfraVia Capital Partners can require the Board and/or the management of the company to address ESG matters. ESG are discussed and monitored on the matters identified by the shareholders and the management companies. Specific corrective plan can be implemented at the operator level upon specific request from the Board members and/or the management of the company.


INF 12. Proportion of assets with ESG performance targets

12.1. 報告年度のインフラ資産の中で、組織や事業者が投資のモニタリングにESG実績を組み入れた割合を記載してください。


12.2. 組織や事業者が通常目標(KPIなど)を設定し、さらにモニタリングしているESG問題を記載し、問題別に例を挙げてください。


          GWh produced from renewable energy.
          Reduction of CO2 emission.
          Recycling initiatives


          Number of FTE and employment created.
          Health and safety, number of accidents.
          Engagement with local communities


          Attendance to board meetings.
          Quarterly reporting, voting policy.
          Ad hoc reporting in case of issues : health and safety, quality.

12.3. 補足情報 [任意]

INF 13. Proportion of portfolio companies with ESG/sustainability policy

13.1. 組織がESG/サステナビリティに関連するポリシー(または同様のガイドライン)を有するインフラ投資先の割合を追跡しているかどうかを記載してください。

13.2. 組織がESG/サステナビリティに関連するポリシー(または同様のガイドライン)を有するインフラ投資先の割合を記載してください。


13.3. 組織や事業者がインフラ投資先のESG問題の管理にどのように貢献しているかを説明してください。 [任意]

A number of portfolio companies have developed their own ESG policy and report ESG risk matrix to their Board.

Example for Aurora project : InfraVia has helped the company to enhance its quality management system aiming at unifying operational planning and ensure high quality standards. Aurora owns, operates and develops critical electricity networks for which extreme reliability is a pre-requisite. Customers demand the highest level of professionalism ensuring them with security of supply 24/7 365 days per year. Aurora follows a preventative and proactive quality maintenance policy to ensure a low level of failure. The quality maintenance policy emphasizes on health and safety, and the role of proactiveness to prolong the technical lifetime of the assets. The strategic objectives are to streamline everyday work and enhance customer transparency. Aurora’ largest environmental contribution is achieved through its focus on world-class distribution reliability as avoiding network disturbances minimizes process inefficiencies and pollution.

A number of portfolio companies do not have their own ESG policy as their activity does not require such policy. This is the case for most of renewable energy investments, for which environmental considerations are core to their activity. In other cases, the portfolio companies do not have their own ESG policy as they rely on the operator ESG policy. In all cases, all operators that InfraVia Capital Partners is working with have implemented ESG policies and sustainability reporting.

INF 14. Type and frequency of reports received from investees

14.1. インフラ投資先に請求するESG問題に関する報告書の種類および頻度、報告書を受領する頻度を記載してください。




14.2. 補足情報 [任意]

InfraVia Capital Partners requires its portfolio companies to provide information in order to build its ESG reporting for the Annual Reports. In 2018 InfraVia Capital Partners signed a partnership with Sirsa, a company specialized in ESG data monitoring through a digital reporting platform. All portfolio companies have answered a questionnaire of over hundred data points, allowing to collect, compare, monitor, analyze and consolidate extra-financial information across the portfolio. This enables InfraVia Capital Partners to share reliable, quality information with its ecosystem, and evaluate the progress and impacts of ESG actions carried out within the portfolio. In addition, on a rolling basis, InfraVia Capital Partners requires its portfolio companies (when applicable) to report ESG at Board meetings.


INF 15. Proportion of maintenance projects where ESG issues were considered

15.1. ESG問題が考慮されている実施中のインフラ保守整備プロジェクトの割合を示してください。


15.2. インフラ保守整備プロジェクトにESGを検討するアプローチを説明してください。[任意]

InfraVia Capital Partners requires most of its portfolio companies to provide maintenance reporting at all board meetings. Some of the portfolio companies need to maintain adequate level of cash  (6 to 12 months on average) though Maintenance reserve Accounts in order to a guarantee proper maintenance program. Maintenance programs are performed in all assets. Proper and rigorous maintenance monitoring process  guarantee the sustainability of the asset.

Example for A8 project : A8 has been responsible since 2007 for the design, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of the A8 motorway section between Munich and Augsburg (52 km) (Bavaria - Germany) operated under a 30-year concession agreement.  This project is performed by a consortium of companies rolling out active environmental policies and implementing environmental good practices. The maintenance of the A8 highway is one of the key monitoring matters that concentrate more than 50% of the company resources. ESG are addressed in the maintenance program, such as noise reduction, road surfacing, water treatment, employment, training, etc …


INF 16. Proportion of stakeholders that were engaged with on ESG issues

16.1. 組織や事業者が報告年度にインフラ資産に関連するESG問題についてどのステークホルダーとエンゲージメントを行ったのかおよび行った投資物件がインフラ資産のどのくらいの割合に相当するかを明示してください。






16.2. インフラ資産に関連してステークホルダーにエンゲージメントを実行するアプローチを説明してください。

InfraVia Capital Partners engages in having not only an ESG approach with the operator but also with other shareholders, regulators and local communities.

Example for Aurora project : The Finnish Aurora owns, operates and develops critical electricity networks in Finland. Aurora’ operations are largely contributing to employment locally as the company employs hundreds of FTE’s every year through extensive subcontractor base. Taking care to improve local community safety is performed through a campaign targeting road safety for school children. In Tornio Aurora has provided traffic safety workbooks to local first-grade students for the past two years. The workbooks are used throughout primary school for learning traffic signs and rules in a fun way. Since 2015 Aurora has supported the arctic rescue helicopter Aslak, a privately funded initiative in Northern Finland, searching and rescuing in case of emergency in sparsely populated Lapland.