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Quadriga Capital

PRI reporting framework 2019

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ESG issues in asset allocation

SG 13. ESG issues in strategic asset allocation

13.1. Indicate whether the organisation undertakes scenario analysis and/or modelling and provide a description of the scenario analysis (by asset class, sector, strategic asset allocation, etc.).

Describe The Quadriga Capital funds buy majority shares of mainly medium-sized companies. With that ESG responsibility is mandatory for the principle owner. The environmental improvements are carried out within the process of analysing all environmentally relevant aspects of each portfolio company.
Describe Future climate related risks will occur increasingly in the interruption of energy and water supply which may become critical for the production process. Creating risk precaution in form of independent power generators, water reservoirs and emergency plans should be firmly built into the company's investment strategy.

13.2. Indicate if your organisation considers ESG issues in strategic asset allocation and/or allocation of assets between sectors or geographic markets.

We do the following

13.3. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

Allocation of assets between geographic markets refers to the allocation of investments headquartered throughout the D.A.CH. region and comprising their worldwide reach into all continents.

ESG aspects are considered especially when fostering the international growth of a portfolio company by setting up production sites worldwide. The countries differ in environmental legislation, labour law appropriateness and governance standards. Investment decisions for production sites abroad will make sure that the ESG risk potential is kept as low as possible.

SG 13 CC.

SG 14. Long term investment risks and opportunity (Private)

SG 14 CC.

SG 15. Allocation of assets to environmental and social themed areas

15.1. Indicate if your organisation allocates assets to, or manages, funds based on specific environmental and social themed areas.

15.2. Indicate the percentage of your total AUM invested in environmental and social themed areas.

69.6 %

15.3. Specify which thematic area(s) you invest in, indicate the percentage of your AUM in the particular asset class and provide a brief description.


Asset class invested

5 % of AUM

Brief description and measures of investment



 Provider of insulation equipment for the electric, electronic, automotive, wind power and composite industries.

 Production sites in Katzenfurt, Germany and Xiamen, China.

 Global sales offices with subsidiaries in China, India and Russia and partners in 30 other markets.


 Ongoing improvement of overall work environment through introduction of lean manufacturing.

 Detailed training conducted to ensure knowledge and application of (QC-) ESG-toolbox.

Asset class invested

9.1 % of AUM

Brief description and measures of investment

In 2002, the HOSPITAL GROUP was established by an experienced, entrepreneurial management team and the Quadriga Capital funds. The company is positioned as a fast-growing platform for the privatisation of hospitals in the German-speaking world.


 Opening of new building for centralised laboratory services creating jobs for the local community.

 Conducted first group-wide employee survey and suggestion scheme.


The DENTAL GROUP was formed in 2015 with the aim of creating a leading group of dental clinics in the German market. The dental services sector has historically been highly fragmented and is characterised by steady growth. 


More than 50,000 individual dental patients were treated in 2018 in approximately 100,000 treatments across all 16 clinics.




Asset class invested

5 % of AUM

Brief description and measures of investment

Aspire Education Holding - Education services company providing training and qualification courses for job seekers and higher education courses for corporate employees in Austria as well as school exchange and work & travel services to young individuals in Germany.


 Improving the printing process to save energy and reduce local dust emissions.

 Continuous development and focus on agile learning for the organisation by implementing training courses at reduced rates for all employees to meet their personal development objectives.

 Introduction of medical and psychological services across all sites in Austria.

 Introduction of a code of conduct at ETC and Stepin.

Asset class invested

8.6 % of AUM

Brief description and measures of investment

KINETICS is a global provider of high-purity process and mechanical systems. Microelectronics, biopharmaceutical, solar, healthcare and general industrial markets. Provider of single-source responsibility for:

- design and construction management

- manufacturing of specialised high-purity and slurry equipment

- installation

- services of special technological plants

 17 regional offices in USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia.


 Discussion of ESG survey results 2017/18 and improvement potential is ongoing

 Conducted employee safety training (e.g. CPR training and certification session)

 Updated antivirus and spam filter software to improve employee protection from harmful emails

          Laboratory, Services & Software

Asset class invested

6.5 % of AUM

Brief description and measures of investment

GBA-Gesellschaft für Bioanalytik is one of Germany’s leading laboratory testing service provider, focusing on environmental analysis, foodstuffs, consumer goods and pharmaceutical analysis. The company already has a track record of acquiring and integrating other firms, and more acquisitions are planned. The mid-sized group now operates in 13 locations across Germany and Austria and has almost 475 highly qualified employees.


 Ongoing improvement of heat insulation and energy management.

 Community involvement via charitable donations from GBA.

15.4. Please attach any supporting information you wish to include. [OPTIONAL]