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Quadriga Capital

PRI reporting framework 2019

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Pre-investment (selection)

PE 05. Incorporating ESG issues when selecting investments

05.1. During due-diligence indicate if your organisation typically incorporates ESG issues when selecting private equity investments.

05.2. Describe your organisation's approach to incorporating ESG issues in private equity investment selection.

Thoroughly review of ESG risks in every private equity investment selection process.

  • Report on environmental risks as a standard tool of due diligence.
  • Review of social risks by legal due diligence report.
  • Review of governance risks by legal due diligence report.

The results of the ESG due diligence reports serve as a tool to quantify potential risks which may lead to either refrain from the acquisition or to define/develop a post-investment action plan for the time after the take-over of the company.

05.3. Additional information. [Optional]


At acquisition an external environmental advisor screens the environmental compliance of each company. Potential deficiencies are listed in the report and are then improved during the holding period of QC.


Legal advisors check the compliance to any HR (human resources) topics in course of the legal due diligence as well as other social topics.


Incorporates the standardised agreements between shareholders, the companies, management and the advisory boards. In each articles of association of QC NewCos, ESG standards are clearly defined.

PE 06. Types of ESG information considered in investment selection

06.1. Indicate what type of ESG information your organisation typically considers during your private equity investment selection process.

          Compliance standards

06.2. Describe how this information is reported to, considered and documented by the Investment Committee or similar.

The results of the analysis of ESG factors during the investment process are reported on several occasions. It might be included in the SWOT, Preliminary Investment Recommendation or Final Investment Recommendation depending on its relevance in the individual investment decision stage.

PE 07. Encouraging improvements in investees

07.1. During deal structuring,what is the process for integrating ESG-related considerations into the deal documentation and/or the post-investment action plan?.

If yes

          In writing/through data collection/analysis by means of QC ESG Online Pilot and sharing the written results and recommendations with the management.

07.2. Describe the nature of these improvements and provide examples (if any) from the reporting year

Annual analysis of completed questionnaire provided/received to/from investee companies with request of improvement.

07.3. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

PE 08. ESG issues impact in selection process (Private)