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Quadriga Capital

PRI reporting framework 2019

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Outsourcing to fiduciary managers and investment consultants

SG 12. Role of investment consultants/fiduciary managers

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12.1. Indicate whether your organisation uses investment consultants.

12.4. Indicate whether you use investment consultants for any the following services. Describe the responsible investment components of these services.

Describe how responsible investment is incorporated

          Within the due diligence process in preparation of acquiring a company consultants are employed in various areas like: plausibility of financial planning, production process, product market analysis and ESG. The environmental aspects of a due diligence are carried out within the process of analysing the production and procurement process. The social and governance aspects are analysed in course of the legal due diligence. Labour lawyers will elaborate on the social performance of the company. Corporate lawyers will concentrate on the appropriateness of the corporate governance, i.e. articles of association, by-laws for board and management, reporting and transparency guidelines. The due diligence results should deliver improvement potential for all company areas including ESG matters.

12.7. Additional information [Optional].

The Quadriga Capital funds have traditionally a substantial exposure to the healthcare industry. This requires a very high attention when it comes to bacteria free environments in hospitals, elderly homes, dental practices. So far the application of the highest hygiene standards in fighting contaminations for patience through bacteria or viruses have been successful.