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Abac Solutions Manager S.à r.l.

PRI reporting framework 2019

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ESG issues in asset allocation

SG 13. ESG issues in strategic asset allocation

13.1. Indicate whether the organisation undertakes scenario analysis and/or modelling and provide a description of the scenario analysis (by asset class, sector, strategic asset allocation, etc.).

13.3. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

Abac invests in companies headquartered in Spain that in many cases operate internationally. The deal team assesses country exposure and sector weightings for portfolio construction and as part of Abac's Risk Management Tool, which also factors ESG risks together with industry, regulatory and market risks, among others.

SG 13 CC.

SG 14. Long term investment risks and opportunity

14.1. Some investment risks and opportunities arise as a result of long term trends. Indicate which of the following are considered.

other description (1)

          Use of plastic, particularly single-use

other description (2)

          Replacement of fossil fuels and its impact on the auto industry

14.2. Indicate which of the following activities you have undertaken to respond to climate change risk and opportunity

other description

          Explored the opportunity to contribute to the plastic reduction trend by investing in a company in the garment industry developing an innovative circular economy model.

14.3. Indicate which of the following tools the organisation uses to manage climate-related risks and opportunities.

other description

          Measuring portfolio companies' exposure to climate change

14.5. Additional information [Optional]

Given the nature of the industries in which the fund's portfolio companies operate, almost all of them have very low carbon emissions when compared to other industries.

SG 14 CC.

SG 15. Allocation of assets to environmental and social themed areas (Private)