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Abac Solutions Manager S.à r.l.

PRI reporting framework 2019

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PE 01. Description of approach to RI

01.1. Provide a brief overview of your organisation’s approach to responsible investment in private equity.

Abac Solutions Manager ("ASM" or the GP) Responsible Investment approach follows the UNPRI guidelines. It also follows EVCA recommendations and CSSF rules.

ASM's independent advisor Abac Capital mimics ASM's ESG committment and considers Responsible Investment as an integral part of the investment process, incorporating ESG as part of the Due Diligence. Once a target becomes a portfolio company, the deal team helps implement changes in ESG matters. Abac Capital's board members supervise and monitor that Responsible Investment principles are followed and that progress is made at portfolio companies, and report back to ASM's Board of Directors.

PE 02. Investment guidelines and RI

02.1. Indicate whether your organisation’s investment activities are guided by a responsible investment policy / follow responsible investment guidelines.

02.2. Describe how your organisation outlines expectations on staff and portfolio companies’ approach towards ESG issues in investment activities.

Abac Capital provides an annual ESG training to all its employees to refresh, among others, its Responsible Investment policy. Abac's RI policy encompasses pre-investment and portfolio management processes seeking to ensure adherence to UNPRI guidelines and international best practices.

The process to follow before approving an investment is well described in Abac's investment policies (including its RI policy) and respected by the investment team; the investment approval process includes, among other steps, a formal due diligence on ESG matters, whose outcome is presented in the Investment Committee.

Portfolio companies are trained on ESG matters through their ESG Champion (an employee appointed by Abac to coordinate ESG initiatives implementation and monitoring at each portfolio company). The ESG Champion is provided with a straightforward job description of the ESG Champion role and has quarterly meetings / calls with Abac's counterpart to discuss any issue that may surface.