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PRI reporting framework 2018

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LEA 09. Share insights from engagements with internal/external managers

09.1. エンゲージメントから得た考察を、貴社内の運用担当者や貴社外の運用会社と共有しているかどうかを記載してください。



09.2. Additional information. [Optional]

In 2017, the ESG Research team built out a tool that allows the team to better track and communicate engagement activity. This involves tagging the relevant ESG indicators discussed and assessing the company's progress on each indicator. The tool then emails an engagement note directly to portfolio managers and analysts who own or follow the company.

Each company within the ESG Research team’s coverage has a dedicated ESG page on the central investment collaboration platform which shows an explanation of what is driving the company’s ratings, recent company engagements, and proxy voting activity and history. This page also provides a historical view of the company’s rating over time and identifies leaders and laggards based on its relevant peer set.

LEA 10. Tracking number of engagements

10.1. 貴社がエンゲージメントの数を追跡しているかどうかを記載してください。


10.2. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

The ESG Research team's engagement tracking tool allows for the tracking of all ESG-led engagements. ESG analysts join meetings with companies hosted by equity and credit analysts and portfolio managers, and vice versa. Wellington uses a global investor calendar to log meetings with companies across all investment teams and facilitate collaboration across teams in these meetings.