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Greenland Financial Holdings Group

PRI reporting framework 2018

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(C) Implementation: Integration

FI 11. Integration overview

11.1. Describe your approach to integrating ESG into traditional financial analysis.

We assess the profit of the invested company with ESG factors to evaluate whether the profit is healthy or not. This could help us to define a true and long term investment opportunities and could also help lock the return if we think the current profit achieves expectation but high risk in the future. 

11.2. Describe how your ESG integration approach is adapted to each of the different types of fixed income you invest in.

Corporate (financial)

for real estate fund, we mostly care about the current execution of the company's business and operation coping with the social and environmental issues.

for high growth and primary stage star-up companies, we mostly care about the culture of the company and the team performance and internal governance.

11.3. Additional information [OPTIONAL]

FI 12. Integration - ESG information in investment processes

12.1. Indicate how ESG information is typically used as part of your investment process.

Select all that apply
Corporate (financial)
ESG analysis is integrated into fundamental analysis
ESG analysis is integrated into security weighting decisions
ESG analysis is integrated into portfolio construction decisions
ESG analysis is a standard part of internal credit ratings or assessment
ESG analysis for issuers is a standard agenda item at investment committee meetings
ESG analysis is regularly featured in internal research notes or similar
ESG analysis is a standard feature of ongoing portfolio monitoring
ESG analysis features in all internal issuer summaries or similar documents
Other, specify

12.2. Additional information [OPTIONAL]

FI 13. Integration - E,S and G issues reviewed

13.1. Indicate the extent to which ESG issues are reviewed in your integration process.

Corporate (financial)




13.2. Please provide more detail on how you review E, S and G factors in your integration process.

Corporate (financial)

We will ask for the invested company to provide quarterly and annual reports for us to monitor the development of its business and evaluate its fundmental performance and cashflow.

We will analyse its E,S and G factors in its reports and to study the corelation between those factors and its financial outcome.   

13.3. Additional information.[OPTIONAL]