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PRI reporting framework 2018

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Governance and human resources

SG 07. RI roles and responsibilities

07.1. Indicate the roles present in your organisation and for each, indicate whether they have oversight and/or implementation responsibilities for responsible investment.

Roles present in your organisation

          Managing Directors, Directors, and Managers

Other description (1)

          Operations Field Staff

07.2. For the roles for which you have RI oversight/accountability or implementation responsibilities, indicate how you execute these responsibilities.

CG has several committees in place to execute the responsibilities for those individuals with RI oversight/accountability and/or implementation responsibilities listed in SG07.1. Ultimate authority and oversight rests with the Executive Team, who is actively involved in the management of all timberland portfolios managed by CG. In addition, various other corporate and field professionals provide oversight and are in charge of responsible investing through participation on various committees, and the implementation of investment management policies and practices.

CG’s Allocation Committee oversees the allocation of investment opportunities among clients.  The committee meets regularly to make and record investment allocation decisions.  The Allocation Committee allocates investments to clients as early as possible to promote early client involvement.  If a property fits the strategy of more than one client (or fund), the investment opportunity is allocated to the client whose funding allocation has been available the longest (i.e. the first in the queue).  If a client (or fund) declines two qualifying investment opportunities, that client moves to the end of the queue for new acquisitions.  We strictly follow this methodology.

The voting members of the Allocation Committee include:

  • John Gilleland, CEO & Chairman
  • Angie Davis, President
  • Gary Combs, Managing Director & Vice Chairman
  • Stan Renecker, Managing Director of Acquisitions
  • Julie Lawrence, Managing Director of Portfolio Management

The non-voting members of the Allocation Committee include:

  • Dave Rumker, Managing Director & CIO
  • Mark Simmons, Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer
  • Stephen Levesque, Managing Director of Operations
  • Kyle Stinchfield, General Counsel
  • Brian Prater, Director of U.S. Acquisitions
  • Rob van Rossen, Director of Australasia
  • Mauricio Penteado, Head of Latin America
  • Steven King, Director of Global Business Strategy
  • Denny Hill, Director of Valuations
  • Chris Wilson, Senior Portfolio Manager
  • Rob Chlebnikow, Senior Portfolio Manager
  • Mathew Purdy, Portfolio Manager
  • Andy Hoyt, Director of Finance and Strategy
  • Jenny West, Director of Business Development

Also of importance is the design of CG’s Investment Committee.  As outlined below, Stan Renecker, Managing Director of Acquisitions, does not vote on acquisitions to prevent any conflicts of interest.

The Investment Committee (the “IC”) approves all acquisitions, internal valuations, and dispositions made, through a majority vote.  The IC also reviews and approves all long-term management plans and material cash-flow activity. The purpose of the IC is to ensure that all acquisitions, property management and dispositions are consummated in a manner consistent with the overall strategic direction of the company/investment, and to act as prudent fiduciaries and managers of timberland properties.

The members of the IC team include:

  • Dave Rumker, Managing Director & CIO, Chair (voting)
  • John Gilleland, CEO & Chairman, Vice Chairman (voting)
  • Angie Davis, President (voting)
  • Gary Combs, Managing Director & Vice Chairman (voting)
  • Mark Simmons, Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer (voting)
  • Stan Renecker, Managing Director of Aquisitions (voting, except for acquisitions)
  • Denny Hill, Director of Valuations (non-voting)
  • Julie Lawrence, Managing Director of Portfolio Management (non-voting)
  • Stephen Levesque, Managing Director of Operations (non-voting)
  • Kyle Stinchfield, General Counsel (non-voting)

CG has formed an internal Responsible Investment Committee that includes members representing all aspects of the business.  This approach harnesses a diverse set of skills sets to maintain and enhance the integration of ESG best practices. 

The specific responsibilities of the Responsible Investment Committee are to:

  • Serve as internal and external champions for the CG Responsible Investment Policy.
  • Implement and integrate ESG best practices into CG's business policies, processes, practices, reporting and disclosures.
  • Oversee CG's self-assessment of UN PRI standards and other identified ESG evaluation tools.
  • Increase employee awareness and provide training on ESG matters.
  • Continually improve the integration of ESG best practices in CG's day to day operations.
  • Periodically review, and update as necessary, CG's Responsible Investment Policy and CG's integration of ESG best practices into strategy and planning, policies, business processes and practices, reporting and disclosure.

The Chair of the Responsible Investment Committee shall ensure:

  • The Committee meets frequently to maintain progress towards achievement of ESG goals.
  • A specific agenda is prepared for all Committee meetings.
  • Records of each  Committee meeting are prepared and distributed, detailing specific agreed upon actions, timelines and responsibilities.
  • The CG Executive Team is kept appropriately informed of the work and progress of the Responsible Investment Committee.
  • Annual Responsible Investment reports are distributed and reviewed with the Executive Team.

The members of CG’s Responsible Investment Committee include:

  • John Gilleland, CEO & Chairman (Committee Sponsor)
  • Stephen Levesque, Managing Director of Operations (Chair)
  • Bruce Glass, Senior Forest Economist
  • Ian Aguilar, Director and Chief Technology Officer
  • Jenny West, Director of Business Development
  • Julie Lawrence, Managing Director of Portfolio Management
  • Kyle Stinchfield, General Counsel
  • Rhonda Stephens, Director of Human Resources
  • Rob van Rossen, Director of Australasia
  • Scott Griffin, Operations Manager
  • Steven King, Director of Global Business Strategy

CG's management philosophy is to actively and intensively manage our properties according to high stewardship standards with the objectives of generating positive cash flow consistent with investor expectations, creating and enhancing future value by regenerating the forest, mitigating investment risk by diversifying the investment portfolio, and maintaining excellent relationships with governmental and private entities within each operating region.

CG implements the following forest management policies and practices:

  • Improve assets we acquire by blending historically proven forestry practices with new forestry techniques.
  • Employ personnel who have expertise at each phase of the forest life cycle.
  • Practice forest management that goes beyond the growing of timber, including development of strong relationships with regulators, environmental groups, industry customers, contractors, and property neighbors.
  • Pursue a program of environmental stewardship and active involvement in federal, state, and local policy-making to maximize long-term value. We plan and implement enhancement projects that benefit fish, wildlife, and recreation. We participate in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative ("SFI") Program in the United States. SFI is one of several forest certification programs that promote sustainable forest practices and establish high standards for protecting forest health, water quality, threatened and endangered species, sensitive habitats, and aesthetic issues. In Australia, the Forward Rotations will be certified under the Australian Forestry Standard, a science-based program similar to SFI.

07.3. Indicate the number of dedicated responsible investment staff your organisation has.

3 Number

07.4. Additional information. [Optional]

CG has organized a cross-functional Responsible Investment Committee that reflects the nature of disciplines and institutional knowledge required to further improve RI/ESG practices. CG also employs specialized staff that are focused on conservation, wildlife management, and forest certification. 

SG 07 CC. Climate-issues roles and responsibilities (Private)

SG 08. RI in performance management, reward and/or personal development (Private)