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Ownership Capital

PRI reporting framework 2018

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(Proxy) voting and shareholder resolutions


LEA 15. Voting policy & approach

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15.1. Indicate whether your organisation has a formal voting policy.

15.2. Indicate what your voting policy covers:

15.3. Attach or provide a URL to your voting policy. [Optional]


Attach document

15.4. Provide a brief overview of your organization’s approach to (proxy) voting.

We consider (proxy) voting an important engagement tool, and we vote all AGM's and ballots for which we are eligible. We base our decisions upon a thorough and contextual understanding of each company's business and ESG factors, supplemented by an ongoing dialogue with management.

Ownership Capital only invests in companies that are characterized by an open culture, in which management is receptive to all forms of stakeholder engagement. Driven by the common goal of long-term success, we prefer a collaborative form of engagement with portfolio companies rather than publicly attempting to force change upon a company through shareholder resolutions.


LEA 16. Typical approach to (proxy) voting decisions

16.1. Indicate how you typically make your (proxy) voting decisions.


Based on

16.2. Provide an overview of how you ensure your voting policy is adhered to, giving details of your approach when exceptions to the policy are made (if applicable).

All voting recommendations are provided by the investment teams who are also responsible for the engagement and monitoring process. The recommendations are collected by one member of the investment team, responsible for the screening of the recommendations against the internal voting policy and checking for consistency against previous voting activity. Once this screening is successfully performed, the voting instructions are sent to the proxy voting platform. 

All voting and possible exceptions are discussed on a case specific basis, yet no exceptions to the policy were made over the review period

16.3. Additional information.[Optional]

LEA 17. Percentage of voting recommendations reviewed (Not Applicable)

LEA 18. Confirmation of votes (Not Completed)

LEA 19. Securities lending programme (Private)

LEA 20. Informing companies of the rationale of abstaining/voting against management

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20.1. Indicate whether you or the service providers acting on your behalf raise any concerns with companies ahead of voting

20.2. Indicate whether you and/or the service provider(s) acting on your behalf, communicate the rationale to companies, when , you abstain or vote against management recommendations.

20.3. Additional information. [Optional]

Ownership Capital views voting as an essential tool through which it engages with its companies. A vote against a management recommendation will, therefore, always be followed-up with management as part of our broader dialogue with the company. Typically, Ownership Capital will have already engaged on the item prior to voting.

Outputs and outcomes

LEA 21. Percentage of (proxy) votes cast

21.1. For listed equities where you and/or your service provider have the mandate to issue (proxy) voting instructions, indicate the percentage of votes cast during the reporting year.

Votes cast (to the nearest 1%)

100 %

Specify the basis on which this percentage is calculated

21.2. Explain your reason(s) for not voting certain holdings

          In certain instances where a client engages in securities lending, we may be unable to vote on all ballot items.

21.3. Additional information. [Optional]

LEA 22. Proportion of ballot items that were for/against/abstentions

22.1. Indicate if you track the voting instructions that you and/or your service provider on your behalf have issued.

22.2. Of the voting instructions that you and/or third parties on your behalf issued, indicate the proportion of ballot items that were:

Voting instructions
Breakdown as percentage of votes cast
For (supporting) management recommendations
96 %
Against (opposing) management recommendations
4 %
0 %

22.3. Describe the actions you take in relation to voting against management recommendations.


22.4. Additional information. [Optional]

LEA 23. Shareholder resolutions (Private)

LEA 24. Examples of (proxy) voting activities (Not Completed)