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PRI reporting framework 2018

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CM1 01.1. Assurance, verification, or review

New selection options have been added to this indicator. Please review your prefilled responses carefully.

01.1. Indicate whether the reported information you have provided for your PRI Transparency Report this year has undergone:

CM1 01.2 & 01.8. Assurance of this year's PRI data

01.2. Do you plan to conduct third party assurance of this year's PRI Transparency report?

CM1 01.3 & 01.9. Assurance of last year's PRI data

01.3. We undertook third party assurance on last year’s PRI Transparency Report

CM1 01.4, 10-12. Other confidence building measures

01.4. We undertake confidence building measures that are unspecific to the data contained in our PRI Transparency Report:

01.11. Provide a link to the public report (such as a sustainability report) that you carry out third party assurance over and for which you have used extracts of in this year’s PRI Transparency Report. Also include a link to the auditor’s report.

CM1 01.5. External assurance

01.5. Provide details related to the third party assurance over selected responses from this year’s PRI Transparency Report and/or over data points from other sources that have subsequently been used in your PRI responses this year

What data has been assured

Relevant modules

Corresponding Indicator number

          Assets under management, organizational data

Corresponding Indicator number

          Exclusion Policy

Corresponding Indicator number

          Outcomes Inclusion Policy, outcomes and process Exclusion Policy

Corresponding Indicator number

          Engagement & voting figures

Corresponding Indicator number

          Outcomes and process Exclusion Policy

Who has conducted the assurance


Assurance standard used

Level of assurance sought

Please provide:

CM1 01.6. Assurance or internal audit

01.6. Provide details of the third party assurance of RI related processes, and/or details of the internal audit conducted by internal auditors of RI related processes (that have been reported to the PRI this year)

What RI processes have been assured


          Exclusion policy, Carbon reduction target

Corresponding indicator number

          LEI 04, FI 05, FI 07, SAM 05.1

Corresponding indicator number

          LEA 16-20

Who has conducted the assurance


When was the process assurance completed(dd/mm/yy)


Assurance standard used


          Dutch Standard 3000A

Level of assurance sought

CM1 01.7. Internal verification

01.7. Indicate who has reviewed/verified internally the whole - or selected data of the - PRI Transparency Report . and if this applies to selected data please specify what data was reviewed

Who has conducted the verification

Sign-off or review of responses

01.13. Additional information for all confidence building measures [OPTIONAL]

          The MD GRIG, who is a member of the Investment Committee, has reviewed the responses in this PRI Transparency Report.
As part of an audit commissioned by APG and conducted by an external auditor, APG’s proxy voting, exclusion and carbon reduction processes/policies, which are described in this PRI Transparency Report, have been audited. 

Further, some of the data used in this report also is derived from the responsible investment reports of our clients. Both ABP and bpfBOUW have their responsible investment reports audited by an external third party in which subsequently also the underlying processes as well as the outcomes are reviewed. Link to ABP’s report (including auditors report): Link to bpfBOUW report (including auditors report):