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APG Asset Management

PRI reporting framework 2018

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Outputs and outcomes

INF 17. ESG issues affected financial/ESG performance

17.1. Indicate whether your organisation measures how your approach to responsible investment in Infrastructure investments has affected financial and/or ESG performance.

Describe the impact on:
Funds' ESG performance

17.2. Describe how you are able to determine these outcomes.

The main purpose of our ongoing engagement with the management of our infrastructure assets is to measure and discuss changes in ESG performance and to identify future areas for improvement.

We don't measure how ESG issues affect financial performance as there is no proper benchmark and the asset class is too diverse to create a meaningful benchmark.

INF 18. Examples of ESG issues that affected your infrastructure investments

18.1. Provide examples of ESG issues that affected your infrastructure investments during the reporting year.

ESG issue
          Investing in Renewables
Types of infrastructure affected
          Renewable Power generation and related infrastructure
Impact (or potential impact) on investment

Aligned with its clients (our main client has set a target to increase renewable investment to EUR 5 billion in 2020) targets to increase renewable energy investments the infrastructure team made new renewable energy investments and developed a strategic review of opportunities to invest significantly more in the next 5 years.


Activities undertaken to influence the investment and the outcomes

As a result of our client priorities, we would prefer to invest in projects that meet our clients demand for exposure to sustainable assets over a project that does not meet such criteria, given a similar risk-return characteristics.  

18.2. Additional information.