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Triodos Investment Management B.V.

PRI reporting framework 2018

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(B) Implementation: Thematic

FI 08. Thematic investing - overview

08.1. Indicate what proportion of your thematic investments are:

0.05 %

08.2. Describe your organisation’s approach to thematic fixed income investing

The Triodos Sustainable Mixed and Bond funds can invest in sustainability bonds of companies and countries that meet the Triodos minimum standards. The proceeds of the sustainability bonds need to be invested in projects that contribute to healthy people, climate protection and/or a clean planet. The sustainability of the projects financed should be measurable. In addition, sustainability bonds need to meet the following process criteria:

Transparency: issuers must be clear on activities financed and investment decision making process.

Traceability: proceeds need to be earmarked, tracked and publicly disclosed annually.

Assurance: activities and practices related to green bonds require annual verification by an external party.

As of 31 December 2017, sustainability bonds comprised 0.04% of the Mixed fund portfolio, and 0.07% of the Bond fund portfolio.

08.3. Additional information [OPTIONAL]

FI 09. Thematic investing - themed bond processes

09.1. Indicate whether you encourage transparency and disclosure relating to the issuance of themed bonds as per the Green Bonds Principles, Social Bond Principles, or Sustainability Bond Guidelines..

          The issuer has to meet our minimum standards.

09.2. Describe the actions you take when issuers do not disburse bond proceeds as described in the offering documents.

Like we do for companies that breach one of our minimum standards, also sustainability bonds that do not meet our investment principles will be taken from the sustainable investment universe. When this happens, Delta Lloyd has three months time to sell the bond.

Information provided refers to 2017. Please note that, as of April 2018, Triodos Investment Management will bring the asset management of its SRI funds in-house. As of that month, a team of investment analysts will integrate the ESG and the financial performance in their analysis of companies and countries, resulting in the definition of the investment universe. Related organisational changes are being implemented and expected to be fully in place by the end of 2018. See FI 01.3.

09.3. Additional information. [Optional]

FI 10. Thematic investing - assessing impact

10.1. Indicate how you assess the environmental or social impact of your thematic investments

          Companies that are selected for thematic investment are fully reassessed every three years. In between assessments, their involvement in unsustainable or controversial activities is monitored.

10.2. Additional information. [Optional]

As of 31 December 2017, in the Triodos Sustainable Mixed fund, the average scores (0 - 100%) of bond holdings of companies compared with the benchmark counted 10.5 percentage points more on E, 6.7 percentage points on S and 6.6 percentage points on G indicators, while for the Triodos Sustainable Bond fund the average scores of non-souvereign bonds counted 10.6 percentage points more on E, 7.1 percentage points on S and 6.5 percentage points on G indicators.