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PRI reporting framework 2018

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(B) Implementation: Thematic

LEI 07. Types of sustainability thematic funds/mandates

07.1. Indicate the type of sustainability thematic funds or mandates your organisation manages.

07.2. Describe your organisation’s processes relating to sustainability themed funds. [Optional]

A company that derives over 50% of its revenues from sustainable activities qualifies for investment by one of the Triodos SRI funds. Companies can also be selected for their leading role in corporate social responsibility within their industry. These are the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Pioneers. The sustainable activities that we identified are grouped in the following themes:

Clean planet. We favour companies that contribute to a clean planet and the development of solutions for environmental pollution. This is an urgent issue because our natural environment is under increasing pressure. Examples of products and services that fall within the scope of this theme are environmental technology aimed at preventing and cleaning up pollution, equipment to monitor energy and water consumption, bicycles and public transport.

Climate protection. Climate change poses a serious threat to the long-term health of the environment and the world’s population. It requires global action by governments, companies and citizens. We encourage companies to contribute to combating climate change. Companies in this theme are active in the production of renewable energy from the sun, wind, waves and geothermal energy. In addition, we include companies that develop new ways to storing energy and enhancing energy efficiency.

Healthy people. We prefer companies that contribute to a healthy lifestyle for everyone. Companies that fall within this theme offer solutions for health care issues, such as medical technology, drugs for treating serious diseases in developing countries, clean drinking water and innovative health care, medicines based on natural ingredients and organic food products.

CSR Pioneers. A company that qualifies as a CSR Pioneer is considered a real sector leader in terms of corporate social responsibility. A CSR Pioneer demonstrates leadership in its products or production process, showing its industry the path of transition to a sustainable society.

In addition to the above, in specific situations or as part of new developments, other sustainable activities may also be considered, for example new products or services that have particular importance from an environmental and/or social perspective.

Information provided refers to 2017. Please note that, as of April 2018, Triodos Investment Management will bring the asset management of its SRI funds in-house. As of that month, a team of investment analysts will integrate the ESG and the financial performance in their analysis of companies, resulting in the definition of the investment universe. Related organisational changes are being implemented and expected to be fully in place by the end of 2018. See LEI 01.2.