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Triodos Investment Management B.V.

PRI reporting framework 2018

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Infrastructure monitoring and operations

INF 12. Proportion of assets with ESG performance targets

12.1. Indicate the proportion of infrastructure assets for which your organisation and/or operators included ESG performance in investment monitoring during the reporting year.

 (in terms of number of infrastructure assets)

12.2. Indicate ESG issues for which your organisation, and/or operators, typically sets and monitors targets (KPIs or similar) and provide examples per issue.

List up to three example targets per issue

          renewable energy produced
          CO2 tonnes saved
          equivalent households

12.3. Additional information. [Optional]

Environmental: Triodos monitors the environmental impact of the infrastructure projects by reporting on CO2 tonnes saved, clean energy produced and compared to equivalent of households provided with clean energy.

Social: the investments are judged on direct impact on the society.  Triodos mainly looks for opportunities that generate clean power whilst being in harmony with the society.

Governance: Triodos aims for a LT relationship with experienced partners to build up long term portfolios in renewable energy.

In all areas special projects are developed and supported, such as land use (pasture cattle), breeding areas for birds and educational (tour for school childeren).

INF 13. Proportion of portfolio companies with ESG/sustainability policy

13.1. Indicate whether you track the proportion of your infrastructure investees that have an ESG/sustainability-related policy (or similar guidelines).

13.2. Indicate the proportion of your infrastructure investees that have an ESG/sustainability-related policy (or similar guidelines).

(in terms of number of infrastructure investees)

13.3. Describe how your organisation, and/or your operators, contribute to the infrastructure investees’ management of ESG issues. [Optional]

We oblige our asset managers and O&M parties to report on HSE/ESG issues during the year and encourage them to develop policy

INF 14. Type and frequency of reports received from investees

14.1. Indicate the type and frequency of reports you request and/or receive from infrastructure investees covering ESG issues.

Type of Reporting

Typical reporting frequency

          please see INF 15

Typical reporting frequency

14.2. Additional information.