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Tikehau Capital

PRI reporting framework 2018

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SG 16. ESG issues for internally managed assets not reported in framework




上場株式 – ESGの組み入れ

Across all of Tikehau Capital’s strategies, our approach focuses primarily on fundamental analysis and selective investments. Consistent with this approach, the listed equity research analysts perform a detailed review of the quality of company management and the quality of governance.

An ESG analysis grid tailored to listed equities is currently under development and will formalize the approach of social and environmental factors to be used by analysts. 

上場株式 – エンゲージメント

Processes to address engagement across liquid strategies are under review. 

債券 - 社債(金融)

Consistent with our thorough fundamental analysis, the research analysts perform a detailed review of each potential investment which includes a range of ESG factors. For financial companies, governance risks are an area of focus including exposure to high risk countries, corruption, cyber-security risks, management quality and existing or latent controversies.

債券 - 証券化商品

The CLO research analysts perform a detailed review of each potential investment which includes a range of ESG factors, such as,  governance risks (e.g. management quality), concerns over jurisdiction, sector, etc.  This is being formalized by implementing a proprietary tool of circa 20 questions which will applied for new investment from 2018.

The questions within the analysis tool focus on:

- Governance risks with a specific focus for high risk countries and sectors including corruption & cyber-security risks; management quality; existing or latent controversies etc.

- Social risks and opportunities including health & safety risks; social risks in the supply chain; applying a bonus for products and services targeting a social benefit etc.

- Environmental risks and opportunities including regulatory risks; and company specific environmental and climate impact applying a bonus for product and services targeting the energy and ecological transition for the climate and the circular economy.

16.2. Additional information [Optional].

SG 17. ESG issues for externally managed assets not reported in framework (Not Applicable)