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Harith General Partners

PRI reporting framework 2018

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Pre-investment (selection)

INF 05. Incorporating ESG issues when selecting investments

05.1. Indicate if your organisation typically incorporates ESG issues when selecting infrastructure investments.

05.2. Describe your organisation's approach to incorporating ESG issues in infrastructure investment selection.

As per Harith's adopted ESMS:

Harith’s approach to incorporate ESG issues into infrastructure investments includes:

1. Encouraging investee companies to assess the impacts of the proposed project on the environment;
2. Sharing information with investee companies to enable them to strengthen their own capacity to reduce environmental risk and promote sustainable development;
3. Educate its own staff to adopt an environmentally responsible approach, and integrate environmental issues into its internal communication and reporting systems;
4. Ensuring that the investment paper conforms to the investment policy as contained and supported by the SEMS policy;
5. Interrogating the ESG issues and ensure that the paper is compliant with the broader ESG covenants.
6. Vetted of the investment paper by the CEO and CIO to ensure that ESG issues are flagged, deliberated in detail and discussed with the investment directors responsible;
7. Communication of material ESG issues with the board sub-committee and Audit and Risk committee, where the CEO and CIO also advise on the preferred ESG risks mitigation measure to be adopted to ensure that the investment is not adversely affected. 

INF 06. ESG advice and research when selecting investments (Private)

INF 07. Examples of ESG issues in investment selection process

07.1. Indicate which E, S and/or G issues are typically considered by your organisation in the investment selection process and list up to three typical examples per issue.

ESG issues

List up to three typical examples of environmental issues

          Impacts areassessed through ESIA done prior to investment in Category A projects.  ESIA findings are monitored.
          Resource efficiency and supply chain management is considered and assessed for sustainability.
          All investments under IFC performance standard screening, to determine Environmental risks prior to investments.

List up to three typical examples of social issues

          All investments are required to report on social and labor practices and performance against internal standards
          all investments are required to provide information on accident frequency, fair wages and community development
          All investments are screened based on their procurement polices and local suppliers used.

List up to three typical examples of governance issues

          All investments are required to report their board structure Independence
          Fund managers require that all local licenses and permits are in place as required by the host country prior to investment or additional disbursement
          Fair compensation and gender equality is assessed prior to investment and monitored on an annual performance basis, inline with transformation targets.

07.2. Additional information. [Optional]

INF 08. Types of ESG information considered in investment selection (Private)

INF 09. ESG issues impact in selection process (Private)