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PRI reporting framework 2018

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Outputs and outcomes

FI 18. Financial/ESG performance

18.2. Describe how your organisation measures how your incorporation of ESG analysis in fixed income has affected investment outcomes and/or ESG performance. [OPTIONAL]

AP4 measures the financial outcome from investing in green bonds as well as follow the traded volume in green bonds. The better investment cases and volume the more interesting to invest.

18.3. Additional information.[OPTIONAL]

FI 19. Examples - ESG incorporation or engagement

19.1. Provide examples of how your incorporation of ESG analysis and/or your engagement of issuers has affected your fixed income investment outcomes during the reporting year.

ESG issue and explanation

Investment in green bonds that really are for green projects.

Impact on investment decision or performance

Positive, and there are even this time increasing number, from a low level, of opportunities.

19.2. Additional information.