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PRI reporting framework 2018

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Fixed income - Engagement

FI 15. Engagement overview and coverage

15.1. Indicate the proportion of your fixed income assets on which you engage. Please exclude any engagements carried out solely in your capacity as a shareholder.

Proportion of assets
Corporate (financial)

15.2. Indicate your motivations for conducting engagement (Corporate, Financial fixed income assets)

15.3. Additional information.[OPTIONAL]

FI 16. Engagement method

New selection options have been added to this indicator. Please review your prefilled responses carefully.

16.1. Indicate how you typically engage with issuers as a fixed income investor, or as both a fixed income and listed equity investor. (Please do not include engagements where you are both a bondholder and shareholder but engage as a listed equity investor only.)

Select all that apply
Type of engagement
Corporate (financial)
Individual/Internal staff engagements
Collaborative engagements
Service provider engagements

16.2. Indicate how your organisation prioritises engagements with issuers

Select all that apply
Corporate (financial)
Based on potential materiality of ESG factors
Based on systemic risks (e.g. low-carbon transition) to global portfolios
Based on our exposure (holdings)

16.3. Indicate when your organisation conducts engagements with issuers.

Select all that apply
Corporate (financial)
Engagements are conducted pre-investment
Engagements are conducted post-investment 
Other, describe

16.4. Indicate how your organisation conducts engagements with issuers.

Select all that apply
Corporate (financial)
We systematically engage prior to ESG-related divestments
We engage proactively in anticipation of specific ESG risks and/or opportunities
We engage in reaction to ESG issues which have already affected the issuer
Investment and ESG analysts systematically conduct ESG-related engagements together 
Other, describe

16.5. Indicate what your organisation conducts engagements with issuers on.

Select all that apply
Corporate (financial)
We conduct engagements with individual issuers
We conduct engagements within sectors and industries.
We conduct engagements on specific ESG themes (e.g. human rights)
Other, describe

16.6. Indicate how your organisation shares the outcomes of the engagements internally.

Select all that apply
Corporate (financial)
We have a systematic process to ensure the outcomes of engagements are made available
We occasionally make the outcomes of engagements available
Other, describe
We do not make this information available
We do not share the outcomes of the engagements internally

16.7. Additional information.[OPTIONAL]

FI 17. Engagement policy disclosure

17.1. Indicate if your publicly available policy documents explicitly refer to fixed income engagement separately from engagements in relation to other asset classes.

17.3. Additional information [OPTIONAL]