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Savills Investment Management

PRI reporting framework 2018

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Fundraising of property funds

PR 02. Fund placement documents and RI

02.1. Indicate if your most recent fund placement documents (private placement memorandums (PPMs) or similar) refer to responsible investment aspects of your organisation.

02.2. Indicate how your fund placement documents (PPMs or similar) refer to the following responsible investment aspects of your organisation:

02.3. Describe how your organisation refers to responsible investment for property funds in fund placement documents (PPMs or similar). [Optional]

A statement on Responsible Investment, confirming our position on ESG matters and how they are integrated into business and investment decisions, has been added to the fund placement (or equivalent) documents for all new Funds and products launched from 2015.

A statement of Responsible Investment was added to the fund documents for the Charities Property Fund, the company's largest UK open ended fund, and work is underway to add this statement to the fund documents for all open ended funds.

02.5. Additional information. [Optional]

PR 03. Formal commitments to RI

03.1. Indicate whether your organisation makes formal commitments in fund formation contracts, Limited Partnership Agreements (LPAs) or in side letters relating to responsible investment in property when requested by clients.

03.2. Additional information.

As well as including a dedicated Responsible Investment statement in our fund formation documents from 2015, formal commitments are included in the investment strategy for some funds, in particular those which are open ended such as the UK Income and Growth Fund where a statement is available in the Fund Strategy document. This statement confirms that, at acquisition, functionality and sustainability are key considerations which become paramount in generating capital growth through active management.

The Charities Property Fund (open ended and with a similar strategy to purchase diverse sector, UK assets with a focus on income and capital gain) also has a dedicated Responsible Investment statement in the Terms and Conditions of the Fund’s application form is which available on the fund’s website:(

In addition, two other funds implement their own specific, asset focused ESG Policy with a tailor made strategy for incorporating ESG in the asset management of the portfolio.