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Savills Investment Management

PRI reporting framework 2018

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Community engagement

PR 14. Proportion of assets engaged with on community issues

14.1. Indicate what proportion of property assets your organisation, and/or your property managers, engaged with the community on ESG issues during the reporting year.

(in terms of number of property assets)

14.2. Indicate if the following areas and activities are typically part of your, and/or your property managers’, community engagement.

14.3. Additional information.

Savills IM's largest UK Fund, the Charities Property Fund commenced discussion with the Wildlife Trust charity in Shropshire during 2017, regarding a local collaboration on a site in Telford, with an adjacent land area. The Fund team are exploring the potential of this land to be used as the site of an ecology, biodiversity and local community involvement project, designed to enhance this space through social, environmental and ecological interaction. This will enable environmental engagement for local Wildlife Trust charity volunteers, whilst enhancing the natural ecological value and biodiversity ecosystems at the site. 

Community engagement in 2017 was also demonstrated by engaging with the local council, during the development a hotel building in Bath, UK, to promote apprenticeship opportunities for local residents.