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Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management (France) (EDRAM)

PRI reporting framework 2018

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Peering questions

OO LE 01. Breakdown by passive, quantitative, fundamental and other active strategies

LE 01.1. Provide a breakdown of your internally managed listed equities by passive, active - quantitative (quant), active - fundamental and active - other strategies.

Percentage of internally managed listed equities

0 Passive
0 Active - quantitative (quant)
100 Active - fundamental and active - other
Total 100%

LE 01.2. Additional information. [Optional]

With 9 billion euros in AUM as at 31/12/2017, Edmond de Rothschild AM (France) is an equity specialist fund manager; European Equities and Global Equities (including Emerging equities) are naturally among our key areas of expertise. We have been managing this asset class for over 30 years.

  • European equities  

Our approach is based on the observation that a company does not permanently remain in a given universe, its characteristics change over time. In this respect, different groups of stocks co-exist (value, deep value, growth, small and mid-caps and corporate transformations) and are complementary in delivering outperformance over an entire economic cycle. We have therefore chosen to run a range of separate, pure funds, whose styles remain stable over time.

Our ability to innovate and adapt our strategy to the economic context, while remaining in line with our pure investment style, is essential in delivering long term, sustainable returns.


  • Global Equities

We are invested in generalist and thematic global equities portfolios and, in emerging equities : we invest across sectors and thematic global equity strategies - where companies are mainly assessed in the light of their exposure to specific sectors/theme.

OO LE 02. Reporting on strategies that are <10% of actively managed listed equities (Not Applicable)

OO FI 01. Breakdown by passive,active strategies (Private)

OO FI 02. Option to report on <10% assets (Not Applicable)

OO FI 03. Breakdown by market and credit quality (Private)

OO SAM 01. Breakdown by passive, quantitative, fundamental and other active strategies (Private)

OO PE 01. Breakdown of investments by strategy (Not Applicable)

OO PE 02. Typical level of ownership (Not Applicable)

OO PR 01. Breakdown of investments (Not Applicable)

OO PR 02. Breakdown of assets by management (Not Applicable)

OO PR 03. Largest property types (Not Applicable)

OO INF 01. Breakdown of investments (Not Applicable)

OO INF 02. Breakdown of assets by management (Not Applicable)

OO INF 03. Largest infrastructure (Not Applicable)