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PRI reporting framework 2018

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Process for engagements conducted with/on your behalf by service providers

LEA 07. Role in engagement process

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07.1. Indicate if you play a role in the engagement process that your service provider conducts on your behalf.

07.2. Indicate the role(s) you play in engagements that your service provider conducts on your behalf.

07.3. Additional information. [Optional]

First ABN AMRO determines by means of external data providers (such as Sustainalytics) if an engagement case is feasible. Then ABN AMRO evaluates these companies’ responses to environmental, economic or social crisis situations that may have a negative impact on their business or reputation. Finally, the engagement cases are verified with external data suppliers on company involvement, nature, relevance and impact of the breaches by ABN AMRO. Ultimately ABN AMRO decides whether to start and to end (resulting in a possible exclusion) an engagement process.

LEA 08. Monitor / discuss service provider information

08.1. Do you monitor and review the outcomes of the engagement activities undertaken by your service providers on your behalf?

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08.2. Additional information. [Optional]

Following the frequency of monthly decision-making meetings as ABN AMRO we discuss on a quarterly basis with RobecoSAM on the ongoing or to be started engagement processes. We discuss the reason for engagement (a breach of the UNGC), why we find it important to engage and what approach we expect. For ongoing cases we discuss progress as well as how probable it is that the goals of the engagement will be met. Finally, engagement outcomes as well as possible follow-up actions are discussed. As such we keep a close eye on engagement progress and are at all times able to steer the process.