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PRI reporting framework 2018

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LEI 12. How ESG incorporation has influenced portfolio composition

12.1. 組織のESG組み入れ戦略がポートフォリオや投資ユニバースの構成にどういう影響を与えているかを記載してください。


Our investable universe are all mid- and large cap companies listed on the stock exchange in developed countries. Initially, this is reduced by the 56 names that are currently listed on our exclusion list. Additionally, also companies that do not pass our SRI screening (even though are not on the exclusion list) will not be included in our portfolio.

Although companies are continuously screened for the exclusion list, the SRI screening for companies to enter our portfolio is done on an "ad hoc" basis. Whenever we find a financially interesting company, this company is screened on ESG criteria. Therefore, we cannot specify the percentage of companies that is excluded from our portfolio upfront.

削減率を明記してください(+/- 5%)



12.2. 補足情報 [任意]

Because we have completely let go of the benchmark in our concentrated portfolio it is not possible for us to over or underweigh certain assets or sectors.

LEI 13. Measurement of financial and ESG outcomes of ESG incorporation (Private)

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