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PRI reporting framework 2018

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OO LE 01. Breakdown by passive, quantitative, fundamental and other active strategies

LE 01.1. 組織内で運用する上場株式のパッシブ戦略と、数量的、ファンダメンタルおよびその他のアクティブ戦略の内訳を示してください。

0 パッシブ
0 アクティブ—数量的(クオンツ)
100 アクティブ – ファンダメンタルおよびその他のアクティブ戦略
組織内で運用する上場株式の合計 100%

LE 01.2. 補足情報 [任意]

Our internally managed equity portfolio is a concentrated portfolio. The investment decisions are not based on a predefined benchmark. Instead, the portfolio contains only 60 to 70 stocks. This number is sufficient for differentiation purposes, but small enough to be in full control. The aim of the portfolio is to earn an absolute return on the long term. To this end, stable and financially strong companies are selected. Before investing in a company, each company is analysed on both financial as well as ESG criteria.


OO LE 02. Reporting on strategies that are <10% of actively managed listed equities (Not Applicable)

OO FI 01. Breakdown by passive,active strategies (Private)

OO FI 02. Option to report on <10% assets (Not Applicable)

OO FI 03. Breakdown by market and credit quality (Private)

OO SAM 01. Breakdown by passive, quantitative, fundamental and other active strategies (Private)

OO PE 01. Breakdown of investments by strategy (Not Applicable)

OO PE 02. Typical level of ownership (Not Applicable)

OO PR 01. Breakdown of investments


PR 01.1. 不動産投資において組織が保有している持分の標準的な割合を記載してください。

PR 01.2. 不動産投資信託(REIT)または類似のファンドへの組織の投資配分の内訳を明示して下さい

PR 01.3. 補足情報 [任意]

OO PR 02. Breakdown of assets by management (Private)

OO PR 03. Largest property types (Private)

OO INF 01. Breakdown of investments (Not Applicable)

OO INF 02. Breakdown of assets by management (Not Applicable)

OO INF 03. Largest infrastructure (Not Applicable)