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PRI reporting framework 2018

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IFI 03. Including issues referred to in the PIIF

03.1. 運用会社と契約を締結したり、マンデートを設計するプロセスにおいて、PIIFにおいて言及されている以下の問題を含めることを考慮しているかどうかを明示してください。



Most funds we invest in provide technical assistance to their investees. During the DD we talk about how this facility is set up.



All of the funds have to comply with the PIIF principles. The CPP is part of this framework. With the managers we discuss how they stimulate and monitor their investees in implementing the framework. We also consider how they adopt this in their contractual framework with investees.




All of the funds we invest in, directly or indirectly, impact investing or not, are subject to our policy on ESG and our exclusion list. These are minimum requirements. Often impact investments and the lists that external impact investing managers use in this respect go much further. We will always make use of the most complete and most invasive policy, also if that means it is not our own list. An external manager that does not consider the inclusion of any ESG issues will not be selected by us.




The investment strategy is agreed upon in the contract. In this strategy the aim of the fund and the methods to achieve this aim are set out. Both the financial as well as the non-financial returns are elaborated upon. Also the contract demands an amendment to the agreed investment strategy to be adopted only after asking consent of the participants in the Fund.


03.2. 補足情報 [任意]

Most of the money that we have invested in impact investing is invested through external managers who are PIIF signatories themselves. This gives us additional comfort that the managers will comply with the principles. In the contract with the external managers we refer to the PIIF principles in general and demand the manager to be compliant.

Not all of the PIIF principles are explicitly mentioned in the contract. All of the points are integrated in the selection process however. When a manager is not compliant, it will not be selected to execute our impact investments. In case a manager would become incompliant after the contract is signed, we will start dialogue. Such a situation has never occurred since we only select trusted parties with a good track record as our external manager.

The PIIF principles are also included in the loan contracts that our external managers conclude with the financial institutions. This is taken up by us during the DD.