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Symbiotics SA

PRI reporting framework 2018

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IFD 01. Mission and investment objective

01.1. あなたの組織では、包括的金融(インクルーシブ・ファイナンス)への投資について明確な使命および投資目標を設定しているかどうかを明示してください

01.2. 組織の包括的金融における使命および投資目標を記載してください。

Our mission is to contribute to the democratization of access to capital and to an economic development which is more inclusive, socially responsible and sustainable. The company reaches this goal by helping investors reach down into micro-, small and medium enterprises markets in low income economies, through innovative investment services.

01.3. 補足情報 [任意]

IFD 02. Governance, management structures and processes

02.1. Provide a brief description of the governance and management structures and processes you have in place for your responsible investment activities and implementation of the PIIF.

Symbiotics SA, the mother entity, is owned by over 65 shareholders, mostly private individuals, all motivated by the mission and vision of the company. This relatively wide equity base is consistent with the founders' objective of avoiding concentration in the shareholding structure. It ensures independence of the company, diffusing responsibilities, strengthening the governance structure of the firm as it grows and institutionalizes. Most importantly, it creates positive synergies between a motivated group of diverse investors and professionals around a common mission. The company also follows strict good corporate governance principles, including the separation of roles between the board and management, and offers all staff the possibility to participate in the equity.

IFD 03. Social targets (Private)

IFD 04. Percentage in equity, debt and guarantees (Private)

IFD 05. Percentage in microfinance and/or SME finance (Private)

IFD 06. Geographical spread of microfinance investments (Private)