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QBE Insurance Group Limited

PRI reporting framework 2018

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Governance and human resources

SG 07. RI roles and responsibilities

07.1. Indicate the roles present in your organisation and for each, indicate whether they have oversight and/or implementation responsibilities for responsible investment.

Roles present in your organisation

          Asset Class Heads.

07.2. For the roles for which you have RI oversight/accountability or implementation responsibilities, indicate how you execute these responsibilities.

QBE has a dedicated Responsible Investments (RI) team, which reports to the Group Chief Investment Officer and Group Chief Financial Officer. The RI team’s activities are also communicated with the ESG Committee, which reports to the Board Risk and Capital Committee, and where appropriate, the Board Investment Committee.   

07.3. Indicate the number of dedicated responsible investment staff your organisation has.

2 Number

07.4. Additional information. [Optional]

In 2017, QBE increased the team from 1.4 to 2 FTE : Manager, Responsible Investments and Assistant Manager, Responsible Investments. 


SG 07 CC. Climate-issues roles and responsibilities (Not Applicable)

SG 08. RI in performance management, reward and/or personal development (Private)