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Trust Waikato

PRI reporting framework 2018

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Outputs and outcomes

SAM 08. Percentage of externally managed assets managed by PRI signatories

08.1. Describe how you ensure that best RI practice is applied to managing your assets


          Include RI as a standard agenda item at performance review meetings with the Board;
Review manager's responsible investment reporting, excluding PRI, and provide feedback on positive aspects;

08.2. Additional information. [Optional]

SAM 09. Examples of ESG issues in selection, appointment and monitoring processes

09.1. Provide examples of how ESG issues have been addressed in the manager selection, appointment and/or monitoring process for your organisation during the reporting year.

Topic or issue
          Responsible Investment Reporting by Fund Managers
Conducted by
Asset class
Scope and process

Trustees are provided with fund manager reports on Responsible Investment as available.

Fund managers report to the Trust Board in person at least every two years. An RI activity update is requested during these presentations.


Fund manager responsible investment reports from property, infrastructure and fixed income asset classes have been regularly circulated to trustees.

Fund managers provided examples of their RI activity during in person presentations. Trustees ask direct questions about application of mandate exclusion clauses and engagement activity.

09.2. Additional information.