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Alliance Bernstein

PRI reporting framework 2018

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(B) Implementation: Thematic

LEI 07. Types of sustainability thematic funds/mandates

07.1. Indicate the type of sustainability thematic funds or mandates your organisation manages.

07.2. Describe your organisation’s processes relating to sustainability themed funds. [Optional]

In November 2016, our AB Global Thematic Growth Fund (US Mutual Fund) evolved from a global thematic growth strategy to a sustainable thematic strategy, now called the AB Sustainable Global Thematic Fund. The Fund pursues opportunistic growth by investing in a global universe of companies that are positively exposed to sustainable investment themes.  We define sustainable investment themes to be those that are broadly consistent with achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  Examples of these themes may include energy transformation, resource preservation, equality and opportunity, improving human health and safeguarding lives. In addition to this “top-down” thematic approach, we also utilize “bottom-up” analysis of individual companies, focusing on prospective earnings growth, valuation, and quality of company management and on evaluating a company’s exposure to environmental, social and corporate governance (“ESG”) factors. We emphasize company-specific positive selection criteria over broad-based negative screens in assessing a company’s exposure to ESG factors.