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PRI reporting framework 2018

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General processes for all three groups of engagers

LEA 09. Share insights from engagements with internal/external managers

09.1. Indicate if insights gained from your engagements are shared with your internal or external investment managers.

Type of engagement

Insights shared

Individual/Internal staff engagements

Collaborative engagements

09.2. Additional information. [Optional]

As noted above, insights garnered from our engagements with issuers are a key component of, and sometimes even a material aspect of, our analysts’ research recommendations and investment theses on an issuer. Such insights are discussed with our portfolio management teams and directors of research in regular research review meetings, and, depending on the item, may certainly influence our ultimate investment decision on the issuer.

LEA 10. Tracking number of engagements

10.1. Indicate if you track the number of your engagement activities.

Type of engagement
Tracking engagements

Individual / Internal staff engagements

Collaborative engagements

10.2. Additional information. [OPTIONAL]

We track company meetings in our global company calendar. This includes the majority of our company engagements held at our offices. It does not track the specific meeting agenda or items discussed, such as ESG topics.

In 2013, we introduced an engagement database to capture specific ESG-related engagements and ESG integration examples. Given the volume of our analysts’ interactions with companies, and the wide variety and materiality of ESG issues they discuss, we do not capture every single discussion. Instead, we focus on the most significant engagements.  In 2017, we tracked 117 meetings. 

In addition, in fourth quarter in 2014, our RI team started tracking proxy related engagements. For 2016, this totalled 66 issuers during the year and 56 in 2017. Please note this does not include engagements from the investment teams which focussed solely on ESG issues.