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Fiera Capital Corporation

PRI reporting framework 2017

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Process for engagements conducted via collaborations

LEA 05. Process for identifying and prioritising collaborative engagement

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05.1. 協働的なエンゲージメントを特定し、優先順位を決定する正式なプロセスが貴社にあるかどうか示してください。

05.2. 協働的エンゲージメントを特定し、優先順位を決定する際に使用する基準を説明してください。


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05.3. 補足情報 [任意]

We are members of the Canadian Coalition for Good Governance (CCGG). The CCGG is the pre-eminent corporate governance organization in Canada and is uniquely positioned to effect change as the voice of Canadian Institutional shareholders.

Representing the interests of institutional investors, CCGG promotes good governance practices in Canadian public companies and the improvement of the regulatory environment to best align the interests of boards and management with those of their shareholders, and to promote the efficiency and effectiveness of the Canadian capital markets.

This relationship is beneficial to us as it allows us to identify priorities related to ESG issues and work alongside other key industry players to promote both active ownership and the appropriate disclosure on ESG issues as well as engage with board of directors of 40 to 50 companies per year.

2017: We have one of our equity manager that was invited to participate in a CFA round-table called "Audited Financial Information: Is it Losing its Relevance?". The event regrouped individuals from auditing and asset management firm to find solutions to better enhance auditing process and transperancy.


LEA 06. Objectives for engagement activities (Not Completed)