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Barings LLC

PRI reporting framework 2017

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Basic Information

OO 01. Signatory category and services

01.1. Select the services you offer.

% of assets under management (AUM) in ranges

01.2. Additional information. [Optional]

Barings is a $271+ billion  global asset management firm dedicated to meeting the evolving investment and capital needs of our clients (as of 31 December, 2016).

We build lasting partnerships that leverage our distinctive expertise across traditional and alternative asset classes to deliver innovative solutions and exceptional service.


Global presence

With offices in 17 countries, we provide our clients with a broad perspective and access to a diverse set of opportunities.


Investment solutions

Drawing upon our breadth and depth across the global fixed income, equity, real estate and alternative asset markets, we aim to provide our clients with innovative solutions to address their complex challenges.


Scale and stability

Backed by a strong parent company, we have the financial stability and flexibility to take a long-term approach.


An unwavering focus on risk management

With sophisticated risk management systems and processes in place, helping to protect our clients’ capital over the long term is an essential part of our lasting partnerships.


Team driven

Rooted in our core values of transparency and responsibility, our team-driven culture is enhanced by a diversity of perspectives which we view as essential to meeting the needs of our clients.


OO 02. Headquarters and operational countries

02.1. Select the location of your organisation’s headquarters.

United States

02.2. Indicate the number of countries in which you have offices (including your headquarters).

02.3. Indicate the approximate number of staff in your organisation in full-time equivalents (FTE).

1826 FTE

02.4. Additional information. [Optional]

Barings is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The firm has offices in 17 countries around the world.  In the U.S., Barings has offices in Boston, MA; Charlotte, NC; Chicago, IL; Glastonbury, CT; Hartford, CT; Los Angeles, CA; New Haven, CT; New York, NY; Springfield, MA and Washington, D.C.  In addition, we have offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hamburg, Helsinki, London, Munich, Paris, Stockholm, Dubai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Sydney, Taipei and Tokyo.


OO 03. Subsidiaries that are separate PRI signatories

03.1. Indicate whether you have subsidiaries within your organisation that are also PRI signatories in their own right.

03.2. List your subsidiaries that are separate PRI signatories and indicate if you would like to report their RI activities in your organisation’s consolidated report.

Name of PRI signatory subsidiary

(Up to six subsidiaries may be reported)

RI implementation reported here
on a consolidated basis
          Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers

03.3. Additional information. [Optional]

In March 2016, Babson Capital Management LLC, its subsidiaries Barings Real Estate Advisers LLC (formerly known as Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers LLC) and Wood Creek Capital Management LLC, and Baring Asset Management Limited (“BAML”) announced their intention to combine under the Barings brand. The integration was completed by the end of 2016. In the context of integration activities, as part of that integration, Wood Creek Capital Management and Barings Real Estate Advisers were merged into Babson Capital to form Barings LLC. Barings LLC and all of its subsidiaries (which now includes BAML and all of its subsidiaries), continued to remain indirect, wholly-owned subsidiaries of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company.

The legacy Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers business became a UNPRI signatory in its own right in January 2016, and its RI implementation will be included in Barings' future reports.



OO 04. Reporting year and AUM

04.1. Indicate the year end date for your reporting year.


04.2. Indicate your total AUM at the end of your reporting year, excluding subsidiaries you have chosen not to report on.

Total AUM
trillions billions millions thousands hundreds
Assets in USD
trillions billions millions thousands hundreds

04.3. Indicate the total AUM at the end of your reporting year for subsidiaries you have excluded from your report

Total AUM
trillions billions millions thousands hundreds
Assets in USD
trillions billions millions thousands hundreds

04.4. Additional information. [Optional]

The AUM that has been excluded from OO 04.2 and is reported in OO 04.3 includes public and private equity, real assets and real estate. These assets are part of the former subsidiaries Wood Creek Capital Management, Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers and Barings Asset Management Limited ("BAML") and were not included this year due to the integration's completion in the fourth quarter of 2016. These assets will be fully reported on in Barings' future reports.

OO 06. How would you like to disclose your asset class mix

New selection options have been added to this indicator. Please review your prefilled responses carefully.

06.1. How you would like to disclose your asset class mix.

Internally managed (%)
Externally managed (%)


Listed equity <10% 2 0 0
Fixed income >50% 95 0 0
Private equity <10% 2 0 0
Property 0 0 0 0
Infrastructure 0 0 0 0
Commodities 0 0 0 0
Hedge funds <10% 1 0 0
Forestry 0 0 0 0
Farmland 0 0 0 0
Inclusive finance 0 0 0 0
Cash 0 0 0 0
Other (1), specify 0 0 0 0
Other (2), specify 0 0 0 0

06.2. Publish our asset class mix as per attached image [Optional].

06.3. Provide contextual information on your AUM asset class split. [Optional]

We have excluded AUM managed by our former subsidiaries Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers and Wood Creek Capital Management and our new subsidiary Baring Asset Management Limited, which are currently part of Barings LLC following the merger of those two companies into Barings in the fourth quarter of 2016. Excluding these former entities, Barings' adjusted AUM base was $188 billion as of 31 December, 2016.

OO 07. Fixed income AUM breakdown (Private)

OO 08. Segregated mandates or pooled funds (Not Applicable)

OO 09. Breakdown of AUM by market (Private)