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Cordaid Investment Management B.V.

PRI reporting framework 2017

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PIIF Principle 2: Client protection

IFD 11. Public endorsement of the Client Protection Principles

Possible action: 

Publicly endorse the Client Protection Principles (CPP).

11.1. Indicate if you have publicly endorsed the Client Protection Principles.

11.2. Additional information. [Optional]

We have publically endorsed the Client Protection Principles and we report on our actions in relation to CPP/client protection measures to our investors.

IFD 12. Provide training and assistance for investees implementing the Client Protection Principles

12.1. Indicate if you provide training or assistance for your investees in implementing the Client Protection Principles and/or other client protection measures.

12.2. Additional information.

Indirectly we provide training to investees regarding CPP. In several countries we have supported country networking organisations or NGO's that provide training on CPP and SPM. Occasionally Cordaid Investments also provides financial support for conducting social ratings of investees.

In 2016 we organised a workshop for MFIs in Myanmar on social performance and CPP.

On global level we have supported initiatives that promote best practices in CPP such as MF Transparancy with fair and transparent pricing.

During our due diligence our Investment Managers pay special attention to CPP.

IFD 13. Include the Client Protection Principles in investment policies

13.1. Indicate if you include the Client Protection Principles and/or other client protection measures in your investment policies.

13.2. Indicate if this is systematically applied.

During due diligence

In covenants in loan agreements and/or in financing or shareholder agreements

13.3. Indicate if you encourage investees to apply for Client Protection Certification. [Optional]

13.4. Additional information. [Optional]